Friday, June 11, 2010

new layout for a bit

Hope you like it? Its less busy than the other one I tried a while back. I just jumped online to give you a lil update. OMG I want to buy one of these for my steering wheel!
Its sooo incredibly cute
You can also get it in blue, yellow and pink. Its called Oliver from the "My Friends Are Monsters" series made by someone from ETSY (my fave premade craft website)
 I just had to share with you how cute it was. Do you think it would look good in the star car? I do - this is the description from the website about him:
Meet Oliver the Steering Wheel Buddie. He's a mischievous young fellow with disheveled, thick orange fur, sharp white felt teeth, and a permanently freaked out expression (because of your bad driving). He is always up for an adventure and made with elastic to keep you company on any standard sized steering wheel. Although he can't help get you into the carpool lane you'll always have company with Oliver. He enjoys bad singing and won't tell your friends if you pick your nose in the car. Just don't make him angry or you may have to watch out when you honk your horn.

This weekend well today just relaxing most of it. Popping out to buy my friend Cathie a baby shower gift. Tonight we have mates over and will look through Gareths Fiji Photos and then tomorrow more relaxing before heading to Cathie's baby shower at 3 :O)

Well thats really all I have to say today. Oh plus Im giving Facebook a rest for as long as I can. It toally rules my life right now and its stoopid how I let it. But I will update here.

K have a great day all.
Ian (Damon) Paul (Stefan) and Matthew (Alaric)
for the girls
Catherine Zita Jones (for my dad)

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