Saturday, May 22, 2010

WTF Twitter?

So the other morning whilst getting ready for work a very thick fog crept over Auckland City. It was really neat but obviously spoke volumes about how cold it must be outside. Whilst fluffing around sorting my shit out I happened to hear a fog horn sounding from all the way down in the harbour. It was really cool to hear it. It must off sounded at least 20odd times or so during the morning and eventually stopped. But it made me feel like we were in England. Or at least on some remote Island with an old lighthouse pearched high on a hill top with miles of moores or country side behind it and the rough sea crashing at rocks below the lighthouse.
These pics are kinda whats in my minds eye when I think of these things kinda not. Hopefully you can picture something similar about what I might be going on about. Either way it was magickal all the same

Hibiscus flowers. I saw some out on the way to work the morning of the fog. The were nestled in the branches of this tree that wasout the side of this beautiful old apartment building on corner of Symonds Street and Grafton Road (after the bridge and opposite corner of hospital). It made me happy as I was walking to work while the fog was lifting and it was starting to spit. I associate Hibiscus Flowers with summer and warmness and it made the morning less depressing. Plus Hibiscus Flowers are a big family thing for me. They have been at every family funeral that I have been to on the Simpson side. Even though thats kind of a depressing thing to think about its just a nice thing to see and I would like it at mine. Plus the song amazing grace.
New subject. Twitter - I dont get it. Its just status updates isnt it? I didnt realise till recently that you can ad pics on the site as well. Whats wrong with Facebook people? Anyways I did some noseing around to see what I thought of it and to try get a better understanding. I ended up finding Ian Somerhalders Twitter page, and consequently Nina Dobrev's. I looked at their pages and I gotta say its the weirdest thing in the world. Totally taking celebrity stalking to a new level. Only its not stalking because its their own pages & they have agreed to have them open to the public. There are photos of personal things like Ian's trailer where I guess he works for the show and then things he sees around the place. I tell you I felt like I was some sort of weird arse pervert looking at the pics. So I stopped. I dont like it. I dont know why. I mean if I was younger I would of loved nothing more than to hear what New Kids On The Block REALLY talked about & did in their own private time. But for some reason at my age, & with the way things are; I couldnt feel more like I was prying into someones personal life on an insane level. Its weird that I should think that about them because I gladly follow other peoples personal blogs and Im on facebook, plus there is this blog of course. I guess maybe its becuase they are celebrities & they have their lives pryed into enough by photographers & interviewers; & well dont they hate it? Then they go & have these twitter pages & decide to tell eveyone what they are up to. Sure its fun. Ian seems to be a lovely guy - just like me he is highly slutted about the month long oil leak. I mean its been a fucking month people come on fix the problem permantely already, so much has wild life must of been destroyed. Its terribly heartbreaking that its taking so long & so much is suffering in the meantime. Anywho he seems to love trying to find homes for beautiful dogs as well. Sweet?! Yeah I got all this from one page I havent delved futher. Nina Dobrev sounds like a sweetie, she is looking forward to a hoilday in the carribean she is about to have & after a bliss spa day she wished eveyone who read her update a sunny warm and bliss-ful day (hence the spas name - also nice kind hearted update). Once again I didnt go past her first page, no I didnt read every update on the front page either. I dont know if I want to know more though, they are celebrities & I shouldnt know that much about them should I? Maybe if I was in the twitter world I would understand it more but really I dont get it and I think celebrities are brave & kind (either that or stupid) for putting their pages up for "open to public" options.  Each to their own is all I can say. Good to know they seem like nice people I guess. 
Yeah I know its ripe for me to say these things because I buy magazines with pictures of them doing their private things (not many I will say but if ones around for me to look through Im keen as beans).  I like to hunt for pictures of them on the internet - I will admit I have noticed I tend to shy away from the too private photos of them because I guess I've always found that odd, unless its in a mag I dont really want it (completely weird little contradiction there). I have some pics yes but not many. Plus I am a photographer at heart. I love to see arty creative photos and well celebrites are photographed alot in those ways. So I look for them.
I think these sorts of subjects are never really going to be solved and I will always be doing something right and something wrong in my way of thinking. The world of celebrity that is watched by Joe Blogs is an odd one really. Also I dont really care what you think but I do like to voice my opioion. Who knows maybe at the end of the day all celebrities with these pages are just aiming to show the world that they are just human beings. As we the general public seem to see them as otherworldly & completely awe worthy, they are maybe trying to decrease the throne worshiping or maybe increase it I dont fucking know.  Think whatever the fuck you like Im here giving you an open window into my world - celebrity or not I am telling you everything I do in extreme detail and my blog is open to whoever wants to enjoy it. Yup Im done there think I've dug myself into a deep grave over describing how I felt odd reading a celebrites private goings on.
Haa haa Im such a dick because after the rant about the above & I was just thinking how I love to see the behind the scenes & stuff of making movies & hearing how the celeb in that movie/tv show is like outside being behind the camera haa haa Im a retard. O well I'll have a giggle over the irony
Well I think I have ranted and raved enough will talk again soon and let you look into my world
Left to Right
Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesly
Thanks you 3, you do an awesome tv show with Vampire Diaries, cheers for acting & helping me entertain myself on nights when the boy & his pal are playing wii, drinking & being plain arse roudy till the wee hours of the morning instead of sleeping hee hee

Listening to: Snow Patrol - Engines
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Reading: The Awakwening (Vampire Diaries)

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