Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I was never destined to be a hair dresser

I remember having a beautiful My Child Doll whom I absolutely cherish. One day I decided I wanted to give her a new stylish haircut, and since I had already performed an awesome wonky job on my fave barbie doll I was convinced I could make Amanda look beautiful! My mum warned me and said I would regret it her hair cant grow back like yours. She said I didn’t know how to cut hair properly look at the job I did on my favourite barbie doll. I however thought the hair cut looked great a styly bob with it long at each end and higher in the middle (it kinda was a bad job but I just didn’t see it). I told mum I could do it that it would look great and she just shrugged her shoulders and said don’t come crying to me when you don’t like it. So I toddled off and pulled out the scissors, proceeded to inform my doll Amanda that I was going to give her a beautiful new hairdo and hacked away at her expensive beautiful long blonde hair with my mums hairdressing scissors – which she didn’t know I had grabbed. Because when I cut it it was all wonky I decided to tidy it up by going shorter – turns out I just couldn’t make it straight and I proceeded to cut almost all of her hair off. I was mighty disappointed with it and was rather upset at myself for not listening to my mother. I sucked it up and didn’t tell her I hated it and myself for doing so. I put a bonnet over poor Amandas head and she never had it taken off ever again. Even to this day she is in a box in my storage unit with the blue bonnet on covering the terrible hack job I had. It also destroyed my dreams of ever being a hair dresser.
Poor Amanda - love her incredibly though. The Dolls got memories with me

Also when I first got her, she came with this gold heart locket which had "My Child" etched on the front & inside was a place you could fit a picture of you and your My Child Doll. Anyways I was over at an old friends place Abby when I was really young. For some strange reason she decided that we should play hide and seek. But Hide & Seek with my My Child Doll Locket. Dont ask why I cant remember, anywho for some smart reason only known to her she decided the best hiding place would be in her mouth?!?!? Go figure. Well she swallowed it didnt she? Oh my lord so we had to go and tell her grandma as we were actually at her place. And well Abby got told off and I was in tears fearing I would never get the necklace back ever again - little did I know what happened with them. Her Grandma let me pick a necklace out of some things she had and I picked this pretty pink rose with stem. I still have it to this day (picture soon). And Abby had to take a pooh over a bucket for the next few days till she passed my locket. I never got the locket back I think my mum and her grandma decided for health and safty reasons I shouldnt have it back. So here is a picture of what the locket looked like - it came with a gold chain (obviously not real gold)

Nothing spectacular but I wore it the second I got it and only took it off for this ill fated task
And here is the Rose Charm I got as replacement. Pretty huh? Only its freaking gold! I really wished I liked Gold. Think it would look good Rose Gold plated though now that I think about it hmm will enquire
This is how beautiful Amanda looked before I attacked her OMG I forgot how stunningly long her hair was. O dear I think I am going to cry. This is only a picture from the internet but its exactly what my doll was and what she wore when I got her. My sister had a doll as well, a lil brunette babe named Ashley Jane. My Cousin Shelley also had one. Had black hair unfortunately I dont know her My Child Doll's name

So thats one of my stories. Hope you enjoyed. I am going to surf the net remembering the My Child Dolls now :O) Here is something to keep you entertained EYE CANDY:
Taye Diggs

Reading: The Vampire Diaries
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Just finished watching: Roswell
OMG Shonda Rhimes is making a new doctors tv show starring Martin Henderson?!?!?!? More on this another times. But Yay exciting - its called Inside the Box ooo Go Martin :O)

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