Monday, May 17, 2010

I should be lady GoGo :P

Went to a mates 30th on Saturday night. It was Quentin Tarantino themed party. Was really cool to see everyone dress up as different characters from his movies. Couldnt of been a better theme. I went as GoGo Yubari from Kill Bill and Gareth went as Butch from Pulp Fiction. Very cool. It was wicked seeing the different costumes people wore.
This is the Mace I made for the Gogo get up. It took a few days but I got some really positive feedback on it.
And here I am all dressed up cool :O)

Last night Gareth and I watched a movie called Push. It was pretty cool, I had heard about it some time ago and was wanting to watch it so see special affects on powers. It showed me some pretty cool ones and I am hoping that I will get back into writing my book. I think the first thing I need to do is write out a plot for it and work towards that whilst writing the story as right now I actually have no idea what the story will actually be about. Its a god plan me thinks

Made a vegan Walnut, Sultana and Date slice on Sunday. The instructions were a little stuffed up as they said to put all of about 3 particular ingredients together then further on it says drain the liquid off those 3 particular ingrdients and add to dry stuff. Gits I did that already with the liquid in it. Hence it ended up being rather soggy and Im sure Not 100% cooked. But it tasted nice. Gareth was lovely enough to lend me the last of his port to put into it as the recipie called for 1 cup of Red Wine. We didnt have it. So we had roughly half a glass of the port, just did the rest with water. Either way it was edible in the end. But I also made another one with just walnuts and sultanas and went with a different recipie. That one turned out perfect. Yes it had butter in it so wasnt vegan. Thought I would give the vegan thing ago cuz of my issues with dairy. I think there is nothing wrong with it I just have to get a recipie thats written out correctly - I got it from some chicks blog & she had written it herself so maybe thats where it fell down. Either way they were both fun to make. And tasty. So will def make again.

Anyways I cant think of anything more intersting to write at the moment. O sad news apparently there will be no more of the tv show Heroes. Season 4 will be the last :( Pretty sad news but thats the way the cookie crumbles. With that I give you eye candy:
                                                             Milo Ventimiglia
Zachary Quinto
Milo & Zachary
Zachary yummy
Milo also yummy

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