Thursday, May 13, 2010


Acutally I have decided Im not going to apologise for not updating my blog regularly or it being all skweif and irregular and my spelling or grammer being terrible thats me. Its my party and i'll cry if I want to. Love me or hate me that is the question, If love me than Thank You and if you hate me then F*ck You!
Haa haaa Lady Sov you ROCK!
I already know Im not overly entertaining but I really do this to enterain myself, and I apologise becuase I worry too much what other people think. I should really stop doing that. So I will try. I do adore the readers though. Wish more people followed my blog but Im happy with my very special 3 (Julia your on there twice lol)

Thats right Jason Statham - this is from his awesome nonsense movie Death Race. I love him in Lock Stock & Snatch. Love the accent. Transporter never seen any of them, Crank was one of those no brainer stupid movies, cant believe there is a second one.

And thats really all this update was about
Anyways Im off to pick my nose and scratch my arse

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