Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hi de ho campers

Oooo Im terrible its been ages since I have updated this thing. And I have been saying that so much more over the last few updates I have been giving you all. I have as per normal been far more entertained reading other peoples blogs than updating my own because lets face it I’m not funny. And a funny blog is highly entertaining. So I will make no more promises of updating this thing regularly because as it turns out I’m not always in the mood. Once you have been sitting on a computer typing from 8am till 5pm give or take a few hours then you jump on it at home the last thing you want to do is more typing. I would rather rot my brain by watching Roswell, Vampire Diaries, Greys Anatomy and Heroes.
Anyways over the last 2 weeks since my last update I have seen friends on the night of a boys night labelled “Cardinals Night” because I guess boys night sounds too gay. Haa there you go I solved the mystery that is Cardinal to these boys lol! My sister and I have been out and shopped for a mothers day gift. We got mum a new jug as hers was leaking and the cord needed propping up to work. She was mighty happy. We saw her on the Sunday of mothers day for lunch. Had chicken on buns for lunch. Scrumptious. And chatted the afternoon away. Poor Lana banana was really tired from the night before so had a snooze on the couch. O well woulda made her happy.

Was round at my friend Nikkis place last Saturday night because the boys were having their famous Cardinals Night. We watched the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Hmmm I got it but I didn’t get it. It was rather odd. But it was really nice to see Heath Ledgers last movie ever even if the first glimpse we get of him in the movie is him hanging from a noose under a bridge. Not very tasteful but would have been okayed by the family of course. It was fun to see Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell all done up as Heath. I think the best likeness in transformation of him was Johnny just the way Heath looked in this movie Johnny did the best change transfer look. Its about a travelling theatre company that give its audience much more than they were expecting. But it was just really odd overall. It might have been someone’s cuppa tea but it wasn’t mine.  it the the simplest thing in the whole entire world really when you think about it but it is the nicest thing ever. I mean what a way to honour Michael Jackson than have an eternal moonwalk. Cool thing is everyone is going in the same direction. Obviously some are flipped. But its cool You have everyone paying their tribute by moonwalking :O) Have a look and see what you think. It was just a nice cruizy at Nikki’s nothing much really. The one movie and chatting lots it was a good night. Do you know I love it when you can be such good friends with someone that you can be at their place and they don’t feel like they have to entertain you. You can both do your separate things like read or something and you can just enjoy their company. Good friends like that are few and far between. It was like that Sat night with Nik and I totally enjoyed it
Haa haa been onto IMDB a few times lately and have finally read the latest Twilight breaking news. Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are greedy when it comes to money. Turns out they want to be paid more for the last two movies Breaking Dawn because by the sounds of it their offers were too small for their liking. They say with the profits Summit has made from the films they should get more for their acting roles. Quote: ‘Summit might also be willing to cut ties with at last one of them to make a point’ (read article here: ). I say get rid of Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart. Sure they look perfect for the roles but man they are annoying actors really when you think about it. In the sense that they haven’t portrayed their book characters very well. Robert plays Edward as a really depressed, doom, woe is me it’s the end of the world kind of guy. But Edward from the books yes he gets a bit depressed at times but hes not so crazy down in the dumps as Rob makes him out to be. And Kirsten well she is also more depressed and desperate than Bella actually is in the books. I know a lot of the younger “omg he’s so hot” fans out there will totally disagree. And I think its only because of my age that I can say these things. Again I will say Kirsten makes a fantastic looking Bella, Rob wasn’t exactly how I thought Edward would look but he now looks right for the role. But their acting is lacking. Taylor Launter on the other hand (looks aside) plays Jacob down to the T. He gets his playful personality down pat, he nails his mood swings and his adoration for Bella so perfectly. He just nails Jacobs personality perfectly. Kirst is too whingy and Rob’s too I’m about to burst into tears or throw up or something. Nikki and I were also discussing this and we think they should make the movies over again bumping Kirsten and Rob out in place for better actors. But like that’s going to happen. O well we can at least speak our minds it its almost a still a free world after all. You know what in saying all that its ripe for me to say these things when I cant even act myself. They do a good enough job for the fans that adore them and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Kirsten seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Rob is an amazing singer and from the tiny snippets I have seen of him is overwhelmed by the adoration of him. I feel sorry for them. I would not want to be in their position where they. However I still feel one of the funniest jokes I have seen about the Twilight series (so far) came in the form of a de-motivational
ahh to play with warewolves and vampires

Anyways that aside I was driving down the Nor Western the other day and I spotted this guy on a motorbike who had a a Barbie Doll in a white swim suit on the back his very own Bike Sl**. It was rather funny and pretty clever if you ask me.

OMG I have funted down music by the Bangles on You Tube recently and I have been listening to old favourites like Manic Monday, Walk Like An Egyptian, Walking Down Your Street and Eternal Flame. WOW great stuff Soooo 80’s its wonderful. Apparently they reformed again recently. Haa haa turns out soo many bands are doing that these days

Hee hee beautiful outfits girls!

There is something about the 80’s that is so terribly appealing. The big hair, the clothes, the fact the guys all looked like woman done up in their bands but the girls found them hot anyways. The 80’s tv shows and movies Jem, Transformers, Never Ending Story, Beetlejuice. The toys Slap Bands, Hoola Hoops, Skip Its, the original Nintendo’s. I dunno maybe its just that old nostalgia beast coming out in me but I loved growing up in the era I grew up in. I mean woulda been fun to grow up in 60’s and 70’s as well before all the real technology phase came about. But at least in the 80’s we as kids still got outside and had using our imaginations. I really don’t see as many kids doing that these days.
Anyways sorry if this blog doesnt make much sense I acutally wrote it mostly at work during lunch. And wrote it in bits and pieces. Anyways till I eventually post again here is your eye candy:
The On Screen Vampires that make many girls swoon and get hooked on these shows
Bill Comptom (Stephen Moyer), Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson) & Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)
And their onscreen human girlfriends who they love lots. Hopefully that help guys enjoy the shows with their own girlfriends
Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), Bella Swan (Kirsten Sterwart) & Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)
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