Monday, April 19, 2010

Turns Out

Turns out that I dont like waxing my legs. It has nothing to do with it hurting. Infact it was only bad when I got to the side where the skin wasnt so tight. Its the fact that it takes freaking forever. The wax is hard to apply, I even warmed it a little as it advised if it was getting too thick to do so, narp was still hard to put on. Its the fact that you still have hairs left behind after you pull a strip off. Its the fact that you get red spots on your legs afterwards and they feel slightly stingy. Its also expensive. So I give up already. I havent even waxed the whole of both legs. So I shaved my legs and now Im happy. It was quick, painless, easy, and I have 90% smooth legs - they are rough in places from the freaking waxing. O well I wasnt going to know unless I tried.

So I got this most fabulous book that I am in love with. I spent a large amount of money on it but with my loan all paid off i wanted to indulge on a couple of special treats when I would normally look at something and just dream. Its called Thrifty Chic - I actually went in to find a Rachael Ashwell Shabby Chic book but that was $90 so I found a book that was just as awesome and only $65. Yes dont have a heart attack at least it wasnt the $90 - Look at the book
Ahhh pretty
Glimpses on the inside
I think its kinda fun how all the books are colour coordinated on the shelves
Hee hee fun stairs

So I'm happy about it. I really want to get more books like it. But its either something I will have to save up for or will have to wait till I come back from overseas.

I've been feeling all girlie lately. I think its becuase I have developed this obsession of reading blogs. It started becuase I was trying to think of ways to make mine more entertaining for my readers, plus Im living in a boys apartment where I cant do any of my normal things I would do when I used to live with mum. So the blog thing has gotten a little out of control hee hee I have so many blogs saved on my favourites now (geees I was just trying to count them just then and accidently clicked on one of them and went there while I was trying to type my blog - Heart Attack moment. Luckily the blog automatically saves when you stop typing). Anyways I have been looking at photography blogs, vintage blogs, arty crafty blogs, burlesque blogs and event planning blogs. They are so inspiring, there are some talented people in this world. Its really neat to see what people make, what photos people take and what they get up to. Its really funny and rich that I should be saying these things and "spying" on peoples personal lives when I hate reality tv and the blogs are a similar thing. But most of the blogs I tend to look at are more main stream. Its people who advertise their stuff, have ads, sell things, are designers and so on. So they talk about what they make or why and how they took certain photos. Anyways its all intersting to me. So I people watch that way.

Over the weekend I had the place to myself as Gareth was down in Hamilton for the ITM 400 - V8 Supercars. He came back with Jim Beam Aviators for me and photos with Jack Daniels girls for the fridge. I on the other hand didnt have the tv on, went to the mall and got my eyes tested, picked out frames, brought the wicked book, got some new chucks as the ones I brought from Number 1 shoes last year even though they seemed genuine really werent so now I have comfortable chucks. I popped into Save Mart and forgot how much I enjoy that place. I only brought a top for this dress up party I will be going to and some books (when books are $5 and less its really hard to pass up). I only need now to buy some new work pants and maybe some new tops. Im tempted to throw out all my clothes and start again as I want to change my clothing style but its not really practical seeing as next month I want to be saving all my pennies. So I have resorted to sticking to what I have. Depressing o well at least Im not poor and homeless. Haa haa. The weekend was pretty neat then becasue of that despite the fact I wasted $500 in 2 days. Getting your eyes checked and frames will do that to you ($394 - youch) but I need them and it will help with reading those blogs I love.

Anyways I have to cut things short Gareth has climbed into bed, put earplugs in and a eye mask type thingy over his eyes. So its hint hint nudge nudge go to be Rianna actions.

Will upload you a hottie for the day:

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton from True Blood AKA Mr Paquin
True Blood has some tasty men in it :O)

Ciao and nite x

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