Friday, April 23, 2010

Just A Quickie

Whilst looking through blogs I found that a link to this amazing photography website and I wanted to show you all their amazing photos. They are called 666 Photography - enjoy:
Bad Alice
Marie Antoinette
Spring Muertos
Winter Muertos
Summer Muertos
Autumn Muertos
Hawaii Tara
Amity on Horse
Angela Ryan
Carousel Horse
Dolly Esquire
Lana Landis in Lucite Tub
Mini Horses
Montgolfier Balloon
Ruby Devore
Sabina Kelley Tribute to Elvgren
Texas Tara
Tribute to Bernard
Victorian Pygmy Goats

Arent they beautiful photos? You can actually buy the prints. Check out their website here
Amazing stuff :O)

I also found the name of an artist I have liked for years but could never figure out who did the work. His name is Arthur Rackham he is an English book illustrator and this has been a fave pic of mine for  a long time:
Then below Alice in Wonderland pics the way I remember it:
Anyways I must off we are going out tonight and I havent even got myself ready
Henry Cavill

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