Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sorry Original Blog but I've found another

Yup its true. My mate Jo said to me that I should start like a websire or something that had all my creative photography on it so I just created another blog. I so far only have 3 enteries so far but will get more soon. Its just all so time consuming. Will get there.

Anyways so i recently got myself 2 new pairs of glasses for those on facebook and whoever saw me at work today they will already know what they look like on me. Im one Sassy Chick. Sassy I love that word. It reminds me of all the vintage blogs I have been reading lately.
I was trying to work out the other day what exactly my fasination about the vintage era was while having a conversation with Jo I figured it out. The woman and men of those times seemed to have more pride in themselves and their surroundings. They went eveywhere dressed up to the 9's, they had better cared for homes, and they seemed to have a lot more pride in themselves & thier appearances than most people today. Dont get me wrong their are plenty of people who care a huge amount about how they look, there are those that care a little too much infact, but there are also alot who really dont. Going to the mall in your dressing gown I mean honestly? Like I was saying to Jo I saw a photo of some ladies from that era I guess the 30's or 40's (Im no good at gussing accurate eras) anyways they were playing tug of war falling over they were in full dress. They were wearing beautiful outfits, had heels on, hats, make up and gloves – you both laugh at the impracticality of it but also respect them for caring so much to dress up impeccably.
People today or in this era have got to the stage in thier lives where the attitude is "I dont care what people think of me" but at the same time they really truly deeply care what people think of them (bunch of indecicesive libras if you as me lol)  Its a hard thing to pin point becuase I can say that people dont care when clearly alot of people do. I kinda dont know how to pin point my thought about it. So Im going to change the subject.

Last thursday night I was invited out by Gareth to come to have dinner with one of his work clients. This gentleman had been asking to head out to dinner with him and his boss for a while now and bring their partners. In the end G was the only one who brought a partner. We went to a Chinese Seafood Resturant. I dislike Chinese food pretty strongly, I mean I can handle eating it but really prefer not to. It tastes odd, its greasy and kinda gross. Then to add salt to my wounds I hate Seafood. Ok sorry I dont mind eating fish but every other seafood blagh ewww. Anyways all that aside I head along to these things as I know everyone else enjoys Chinese and Seafood and I enjoy the company enough to put up with the gross food. So back to my point. Its the first time I can recall (memory isnt too sharp) I have been to a resturant where you can pick a lobster and eat it. We were all sitting round the table chatting when I happend to see a lady out of the corner of my eye walking up to our table. She had a net and in the net was one of the lobsters out of the tank we passed on the way in. Its tail was curled under & its antenna thingys (dunno the name) were moving around and it really looked slightly panicked (but maybe thats just how I saw it). They showed G's client and he was happy with it then off this lady toddled again with the poor innocent lobster. I sat there hoping like hell I wouldnt be able to hear it screaming in the pot from the kitchen becuase I wanted nothing more than to sntach it out of their hands and march them down to the ocean but I dont have the balls for that sorta thing and it wouldnt of been right. I found out that G's bosses wife didnt come becuase thats exactly what she would of done had she been there. She is a vegetarian and is strongly for animal rights and hates animals being trated cruely. I freely admit I am definately a bit of a cow about those things. I would love to do that but steak tastes to damn good to cut out of my life so I dont go preaching things as I cant follow through. Anyways a while later this large platter comes out and its put on the lazy susan right next to me. Its little eye stumps where there and its antenna thingy stumps and it kinda broke my heart to see it, it had been at our table all freaked out less than half an hour ago and now it was here on our table about to be eaten. There was even a nut cracker on the table to open up its legs and suck out the goodness. I didnt like it one bit. No I didnt eat it I never will. I can think these things but I cannot stop eating meat. Ignorance is bliss. I mean I'm the person that cannot watch animals being hurt in movies even though I know its fake, I cant look at those ads of pigs in the cages, of the bears in chains becuase I just ball my eyes out. Yet I can still stuff my face with mince or bacon. Sure I dont eat alot of it but I still eat it. What kind of weirdo am I? Gareth knows how I feel about animals so much so that he will change the channel for me if any are getting hurt or he swerved on the motorway this one time when I was in the car as a cat ran out on the road. I will help out animals of all kinds. If I had the money I would be doing that WWF thing and protesting for animals rights but I continue to eat meat urgh I fail. I know plants are living to so you know its a loose loose situation really. O well this is just the way life is sometimes.

So I went through all the clothes in my drawers and wardrobe and put into bags for storage the stuff I just dont wear anymore. I am going to try update my wardrobe a bit better so Im happy with it butI need to do an inexpensive update of my wardrobe. Im not about to go out spending hundreds of $ on new clothes as much as I would love to. My savings for an overseas trip is far more important. But I am going to get at least 1 new thing once a month. That is not a compulsorary either. My 2nd pay after my loan being paid off is in 2 weeks. Gareth has already helped me re budget my pay so that the amount that was going on my loan is now going into a bonus saver account, but one I cant see on internet banking. I have another savings account which will be for things such as a back pack, the flight tickets, a netbook and my storage unit for when I am overseas. I also have an unexpected bills account which I want to change the name of but it will be for things such as warrants, regos, birthdays etc its only $50 a month but better than nothing. I am yet to see what I get in my spending account each month to figure out what my week to week budget is going to be before I can asscertain if I can or cannot buy a new item of clothing a month or not. Whereever possible all spare cash will be going into one of my 3 savings accounts. Which is pretty exciting.
Anyways the clothing thing is becuase I am sick of the clothes I own. I feel like I dress like a dag and want to wear nicer clothes. Had a great chat with Laura and Nikki about it and was advised the first items of new clothing I should buy is leggings. So I did so today. I thought I was going to hate them and I would feel uncomfortable in them but I love them. So thanks girls :O) Nikki and I are planning to go out in a few weeks and head into St Lukes for her to spend her Westfield Vouchers and I need to get work pants (I have NONE just so you know) and 1 new top that can both be worn with the leggings or the work pants. Laura has said she will lend me these magizenes she gets that have ideas on clothing items that you can wear or dress together cuz lets face it I have no dress sense at all. And yes in the back of my mind is Gareths favourite saying about clothing "The more uncomfortable it is the Hotter is looks" - soooo freaking true damn it lol!

Anyways this blog has taken me 3 days to write and as per norm is absolute nonsense but I enjoy writing. I will do my best to show you what I buy seeing as the latest trend is to put up photos of what you wear - but not until I am dressed and have a photo to upload. It can be from drab to fab the whole Clueless thing maybe not that serious but will see.

Here is the hottie for the day:
Milo Ventimiglia who plays Peter from Heroes
That smile is apparently his trade mark its a great smile :O)
With another delicious Heroes actor Zachary Quninto

Have a fantastic day you Sassy Gals & Handsome Men x

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