Monday, April 12, 2010

Keep Practising Your ABC's

Act silly
Believe in Magic
Create adventures 
Daydream every chance you get
Enjoy the little things
Find time for fun
Go to unexplored places
Hang upside down from trees
Join clubs
Keep it simple
Love all creatures
Make time for friends
Nap when you can
Open your mind to new ideas
Play when you feel like it
Question the answers
Run with the wind
Sing favourite songs
Take days off
Uncover your talents
Venture out
Walk on the wild side
X-pect the best
Yeild to the moment
Zzzzzz peacefully at night

This was a great positive thing that used to be on the door in my Dad and Step Mom's loo when they were living in Norsewood. I really loved it - plus this picture of Gandalf walking up to Bilbos house. I used to have dreams of living in a house under a hill with a round door. I cant seem to find the pic online but from what I remember it looks alot like this one:

So whats been happening? Well alot and not alot really. The trip to dads was really good and the week after Easter Nikki and I got to planning our good friend Jo's baby shower for that saturday. We went out and brought a few things for the day. I grabbed stuff to make these really wicked Baby Face Cupcakes. They were pretty simple really but still my first sorta decorated cupcakes so Im pretty darn proud:
Whatcha think? They are vanilla flavoured, with vanilla butter icing. Chocolate faces with Lifesavers for the dummy bits. They went down a treat. I made 24 but only took these 12 decorated ones to the baby shower as everyone took sweet stuff along. I fretted for a bit, not that there wouldnt be enough food but that you need sweet and savory. It turned out alright which Nikki said it would and I knew I just wanted savoury and sweet instead of just sweet. We ended up with a few savouries so thats all good. Anyways the day went really well and we people all enjoyed it. It was really nice to get a thank you email from Jo she was blown away by it and totally loved the day. So happy Nik and I could do it for her. It was heapsa fun to organise especially for someone so close to us and it was really wicked to see her smiling at all the decorations and at the day. YAY! Luff ya Yoyo x

Well I have busy lately reading everyone elses blogs. Im into a few Vintage lovers blogs lately and I just havent had any want to update on my blog as I havent felt as entertaining. But I have a few good friends I know that read all my updates so I should stop being so selfish hee hee. There are some really neat ones I am loving at the moment. I hope they dont mind that I post the name of their blogs here. Maybe you could check them out and enjoy their blogs as well? :O) This girl 'The Freelancer's Fashionblog" here has some really pretty burlesque pics of herself as thats what she does. There is also "The Vintage Housewife" here , "Diary of a Vintage Girl" here and then a funny one "Jive Turkey" here
Hope you girls find something you like there, or at least some links to fun places.

Hmm what else. O with the remaining 12 cupcakes I melted chocolate and decorated them to take to work. Ooo look:

What else - Im not really an interestng writer. So lets see if there are some photos I can upload. And no I havent forgotten I still have to take that photo for the Tell Me A Story photography assignment. Man sooo much to do and soo little time to do it in. There are just not enough hours in the day. Wonder what would happen if I made monday night reading, tues - puzzles, wed - write my book, thurs - photography and friday - Blogging & tv? Hmm it would probably work but would I stick to it? Hmm more than likely not knowing me. I am good at goal setting but not so good at keeping up with planned things haa haa I should do something about that shouldnt I? Hmmm narp I like me just the way I am. Ok so latest photography assignment is black and white nature photos. I think I'll plan to do those this saturday while Gareth is down in Hamilton V8's or ITM 400. Then on Sunday I get to do fun photos of Jo and her baby bump. Will have to check she still wants to get together then to do them. Actually you know what blog world Im going away to read on Digital Photography School tips & advice on pregnant belly photography. Love you all bye till next time
Paul Wesley
Kellen Lutz
Taylor Lautner - surely the most looked up shirtless guy these days. And apparently he hates taking his top off
Ryan Reynolds
Alexander Skarsgard
Stephen Moyer (& Anna Paquin)
Brett Novek
Cam Gigandet
(yummy chest only) - Craig Horner
Eric Winter
Chris Evans
Gerard Butler
Sparkle free but lily white Robert Pattinson
Hugh Jackman
Ian Somerhalder
James Marsden
Jason Bher - from the Tattoist not his tats but nice chest and not the boyish look of cry baby Max
Jesen Ackles
Jesse Metcalfe
Johnathan Rhys-Meyers
Johnny Depp
Mario Lopez
Paul Walker
Saki Rouva
Robert Downey Jr
Taye Diggs
Taylor Kitsch
Tom Welling
Alan Hyde
Tyson Ritter
Vin Diesel
Henry Cavill
VJ Logan
Zachary Quinto
Xavier Samuel

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