Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey ya sorry its been a while all I have been pretty busy lately and just havent had time or the desire to update the blog. I had changed my blogger background as some of you may of noticed but it was a little too busy for me so I changed back.
So there has been a few things that have happened since my crazy photos. I have been over to Jo and Ians place with all our mates for Jo's brithday get together. Was really nice and Jo said when she is about 30weeks along will take some creative photos of her belly for her. Im all excited :O)  I also recently was asked to do another wedding photography shoot. I was referred (would you believe it wow) by an ex boyfriend  of mine Jamie who still knows friends of mine and sees my life through the window that is facebook. Really sweet of him. It is one that only has a 50/50 chance of going ahead at the moment. She is happy with my work, but has a cousin who is a photographer and is hoping to get him over from Australia to do the photography. She has said if she cant get him then she will def ask me. All exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

Soo I have been trying to think of things to put up on the blog that might be a bit more entertaining for folk. So I have gone over things and have come up with a couple of things to put up.
Pet Peeves - do you remember those? They were in Magazines about of fave celebrity crush. So I'm going to put up just a couple of mine. Will also put up my fave stuff but I think most people would know that already.
My Pet Peeves
* I cant stand people who travel 80 on the motorway when nothing is wrong with the likes of road conditions and there are no road works no nothing. They travel 80 going up hills - put your foot down people and do 100. Or when your coming up to motorway turn offs, like Lincoln Road, Waterview or Massey (becuase I know the nor western better) its like just because your 400metres away from the exit doesnt mean you can start going 80ks or less. In fact you should always travel at the speed limit not above and not below. I dont get why they slow down at these places it baffles me. And often you get stuck in the slow traffic as there is so much turning off at those places that you cant do 100 and pass them & cut in at the last minute because there are so many of them and they are the type that wont let you in. It bugs me also how people start driving 80k per hour once they pass western springs and are heading towards spaghetti junction. Its not 80 there its 100, it doesnt get down to 80 till you are past Newton Rd turn off people. So why go 80? Now I am no speeder - well anymore lol I have had 2 speeding tickets too many and I dont want to get anymore ever if I can help it. But I do my best to travel the speed limit. Get out of the way of retards who decide that they need to go faster and travel along at the speed limit of 100. I might also add that it peeves me when people travel 40 in a 50k zone when there is no dangerous reason they might need to do it. Sigh thats good to get off the chest lol!

*Tax - I hate it but it's unavoidable so I just silently growl everytime I see my payslip and how much has gone to the tax man o well at least I have a job

*The wind - yup you heard it I dont like the wind. I dunno why its crazy seeing as I'm an "air" sign. I obviously dont mind it when its a nice cool breeze on a hot summers day. But I cant stand the wind that we get in Auckland city here where it rushes up from the ocean, and in between all the buildings. Outside my work on Khyber Pass and infact most of the area surrounding spaghetti junction is a wind tunnel. I dont like my hair forever flicking me in the face and needing to get it out of the way. I dont like the wind, it just gets me shitty at it. I get it from my Nana Pam apparently she didnt like the wind one bit either. Of course there are times when its ok but major gusty wind I am not a fan of. So unfortunately I couldnt live in Windy Wellington.

Okay so 3 things of argh is enough. Now I was just thinking we get a weekly newsletter and in it we have a bit from somone within the company a "tell us about you" thing to make it entertaining. There are a few questions I like to look at on everyones entries and because I doubt I will be asked any time soon I am going to share with you the answers to those questions I like:
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Now I went to a party that was exactly that theme. I wanted to be according to my mother a purple my little pony photographer. Hee hee funny stuff. But yes photographer is something I have always wanted to be
Who inspires you?
This is a tough one. Well people that overcome large set backs in their life and strive to make the best of the situation eventually fighting back and coming out on top. As far as people that inspire me well Billy Connolly - he started off in poverty, and was abused by his father when he was young. But he always chose to see the positive in his life and he eventually became on of the worlds most recognised comedians after discovring it was exactly what he wanted at the tender age of 12. I love his flair for life, his happiness, his comedy and I just think he is pretty cool.
Best advice you’ve ever received?
If at first you dont succeed try and try again. Pretty good advice I reckon
What will you do when you retire?
Ha dye my hair purple, buy myself a granny mobile and continue to love life to the fullest. When I am older and Min is older the two of us are going to be little old ladies sitting in rocking chairs on a back deck reminiscing on when we were young and talking about the fun crazy things we are going to do in the future. Im going to be an old lady who bungee jumps hee hee (well I hope anyways)
Tell us something about yourself that may surprise us.
There is not much about me that people dont know, I talk too much and that embarrasses me. I wish I didnt tell everyone everything but I can't help it - this was sorta one of the reasons I started this site hoping to get it all off my chest here instead. But it hasnt exactly worked like that I dont think.
Also I'm petrified of dying - I dont care that we all have to do it thats its part of life Im scared of no longer existing, or remembering that I existed for those who belive in reincarnation - which I do to a certain extent.  I am also freightened of the fact that the universe has no end to it that we know of and even if it did have an end like a top, a bottom and sides, whats outside of that? Yup yup I know put in all your opinions on why I should be afraid of that and dying especially seeing I am more open to the spiritual side of life. But I cant help being afraid of these things. Its only human
5  Material Things you can't live without
- Music
- A camera of any kind I need to be able to take photos
- Books - I adore reading as everyone that knows me will know
- My craft/painting supplies - another way for me to destress
- The internet - haa haa I know but it keeps you in contact with EVERYTHING! Its a great learning tool and just so much more
Great website to check out 
This one haa haa, No sites I am addicted to are:
- Digital Photography School
- Flickr
- Etsy
- Martha Stewart Crafts - dont hassle I love making things and this happens to be a pretty comprehensive site with so many things to make
-  Alison Events - well there are a few that have to do with event planning but this one is fun
Lifes greatest mystery
Nothing philosophical here but I would say it would be "reality tv". Yes there are some great shows I will admit such as Nitro Circus, Top Gear, Distroyed in Seconds, Intrepid Journey's  - but its the shows like life or wife swapping, brat camp, biggest looser, survivour, apprentice and all those type ones were you have to vote people off and they all get shitty and so on urgh annoying

Think thats all for now going to give you a few photos I have taken and then bed:

This is my beautiful pregant friend Jo, Nikki and I - unfortunately the one with her belly in the shot better I have my eyes closed
Nikki and I poking the baby to say hello in there
I love this photo posed but caught having a laugh - laughter is beautiful on camera it makes you smile back
The sunset yesterday by home
Beautiful orange skies
Kevin McKidd
In his role as Poseidon in Percy Jackson & The Lightening Theif
Again as Poseidon
:O) Enjoy