Friday, March 26, 2010

A Girl's Gotta Giggle

Last night I went over to visit my cousin Shelley - who is also my best friend - and we ended up taking a whole bunch of fun crazy photos of ourselves. It caused us to be in serious fits of laughter. You know the kind that gets your sides aching and you have to massage your cheeks becuase they hurt from smiling so long and laughing so hard. Oh my goddess it is sooo good for the soul. In tryning to dot he photography assignments I remembered one last night and decided I wanted to take photos of it. Even looking back over this morning has had me craking up hard! I was under the impression it was called Jauling or Jawling - but I think Im wrong now. Anyways what it is is when you shake your head really hard from side to side and let your mouth and face be all loose. And the assignment was to photograph it. I cant find the assignment though. Anyways now you can enjoy some funny and rather unattractive photos of me and shells doing our bit of laughter medicine - hopefully they will cause you to laugh too. Some are blurry becuase shaking your head while trying to photgraph yourself definately creates movement:
Crooked nose
We were moving in this one honestly
Do you think Im sexy?
Hi my names Rianna, wanna go out on a date with me?
O so HOT!
I think I decided I want a photo of me doing something like this to be the main large photo on my coffin when I pass. So that people will be snorting with laughter trying to keep quiet instead of crying - but not sure yet
My goddess it the the most laughing I have done in a LONG time. You know the kind were you cant stop and even when you settle down and almost stop you look at your friend and you start cracking up again
R Tard lol!
Whenever we get together and take photos we do this thing where we "hoot" in the photos here is us hooting. I dunno why we just do. I promise Im honestly not 6years old. I just havent let the 6year old in me dissapear. She's still there causing me to be crazy. If you cant do crazy things and laugh at yourself you havent lived.
See we can be pretty too
And thats all Im going to update no other pics but the eye candy today I want to do a few things before lunch finishes
This guy is ok his name is Jamie Dornan - but then he's better looking than me and my georg pics above lol

Taylor Kitsch
Look they are in our Auckland Sky Tower. They are all good looking but gimme Zachary Qunito any day
Zach and Chris
Zach and our kiwi boy Karl Urban who is doing really well in Hollywood world. NZ is so proud of ya mate

Im looking forward to seeing a few movies that are out or just out. Shutter Island, Clash of the Titans, 9, and Boy
Listening to: Birds by Emiliana Torrini
Reading: The Wild One - Melinda Metz
Watching on TV: Heroes
Writing my book