Thursday, March 25, 2010


So hey there everyone. Another day today. Last night went out for dinner at a Pizza Pasta place up in Kemeu for Antons birthday. It was a nice gathering of family and I got to take pictures of the lil Noah. It was fantastic to see his big sister Mickaylah as well. She is getting so tall and growing up as well. The lil cutie got up and requested to make a speech. She thanked everyone for coming along to her Dad's birthday and said it was nice to see us. How adorable is that? She's only 6. My gosh how they grow. Got to see her little cousin Riley whom I have seen for a year. Another one who is growing so big, he's going to be a tall bloke. He has little vampire teeth its so cute. Anyways it was good celebrations for Anton who got Mitre 10 vouchers for his birthday which he was pleased about.

Apart from that not much to say - day to day like this might be interesting because it will get down to the today I picked my nose and yesterday I drank apple juice. So will see how the daily updates go. Looking forward to taking plenty of photos down in Napier. Its all Art Deco themed down there so will be some lovely photos providing the weather is good. Its usually pretty windy down there.

Urgh its raining outside no fun. I was thinking of maybe for this photo by me a day - or photo per blog update by me that I would take photos from the Photography Assignments on the DPS Website. So this weeks is: "Tell Me A Story" You are to find something meaningful in your life. It could be an object in your home, a place etc. Perhaps something from your childhood, an item from your family or a friend, or a place you went to that has special meaning to you. Use what you know to photograph it and, if you want, write a short few lines giving it's background and why it means so much. The written story is optional, it's just a chance to get to know something about each other. Try to make your image interesting, so others will want to know the story behind it. - So thats what the assignment is to photograph. Its from the 17th till 31st of March. So I will try to do this for you and post the result with story behind it.

Anyways I've kinda run out of things to say.
Listening to: Never Leave Your Heart Alone by Butterfly Boucher
Reading: The Wild One - Melinda Metz
This is the Church across the road from work. Took this one a while back sorry but I just liked the photo so wanted to share with you
Look at how tiny that is!
Click to enlarge and read
Gabriel Aubry
ciao bellas x

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