Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hee hee fail

Hee hee so trying for a daily update failed. Im jsut so bust with stock crap at the moment I never had a proper lucnh break yesterday and well to get more out of today I should only plan for a short lunch today. But at least Its better than a week or so huh?

Anyways so yesterday I found out that my cousin Bodene whom I havent seen in like what maybe ten or so years is in NZ and has been in NZ since Jan a week after my uncle Ian's funeral. My Aunty Val didnt tell anyone in the family. I love her to bits and so on but I dont know why we were never told. What gives? Anywhos Im really looking forward to catching up with him as its been sooo long since I've seen him let alone talked to him. I want to hear all about his two boys and how he's been all this time. So that and my cuz Cinnamon is coming for a lil visit to NZ end of April. So both are exiting family vistis for me. Yes I love my family immensly all of them.

Tonight heading out for a dinner at a pizza pasta place in Kemeu for Antons birthday. Thats Gareth's sisters husband. Will a nice dinner there. Thurs night catching up with me cuzzie Shelley and then there is Jo's birthday on the weekend. Busy little girl arent I? Lol!

Ooo mother nature the food snack brand have been extending their yummy range and in that I found these almond and apricot nut slices. They are SOOO Yum! Its great. I also love their Grab and Go Snack Packs of nuts, raisins and dried fruit. My fave is the tropical one, its just the perfect size for a serving of nuts, seeds and fruit for the day. I just thought I would share that with you all.

The weather has slowly been turning to poo. But its ok thats what happens. I have been soo bad and havent managed to go out for that walk I said I was going to do in the evenings. But I have been doing soo much walking around with this stock take and so on, then going home and walking in circles for aaaggggeeeessss to make sure I manage to get my ten thousand steps a day. I manage to do it successfully but somehow it doesnt seem as honest as a walk. When I get home I would just prefer to blob is all. Got to get out of that habit though and soon. My belly is jutting out a bit and I need to change the routine - plus I need to stop talking about it and JUST DO IT - No Nike copy right intended - hee hee. I have however been doing sit ups, crunches and lady press ups every morning. So thats gotta count for something right?

Anyways going to load up the page with pictures as I will be heading back to work in a few to get this all completed by the end of March

Reading: The Wild One - Melinda Metz
Listening to: Cosy in the rocket by Psapp
Watching on the chatterbox: Heroes

I have had a bit of love for Vintage things of late so here are some pieces of Vintage Art for you to check out
Hope you liked them

Taken on our deck on 23-03-10
Dunno who it is, but says aaa-salvco on it
Lets see if I can keep that lot of picture sections up? I have seen on a gazillion blogs a section with Fun Facts about me - might try it soon - might not
Have a great day all x

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