Monday, March 22, 2010

I promise this, I promise this, check this hand cause Im marvelous

I just had the thought in my head to write I promised as the title and it ended up as the above instead.
Anywho so I said I would write more, trying for daily and so here it is another update for you the reader.

Today I am still continuing on the Stock Take stuff. Its McDonalds stock this time. I have so far recorded new spares and checked quantites and now I am tidying the pig stye at the back of my room where I let the engineers run rampant and do what ever they wanted with the mcds stock. I have taken the mess off the shelves and after lunch I will proceed to not only lable, record quantites & shelves, but I will put them back onto the shelves in a tidy, organised and sensible way. Then when any engineer comes in to take a part from the shelf they will not only have strict instruction on recording with me what is leaving but they will be wipped over the knuckles with a bamboo stick if I find the shelves are messy again. This is apparently how I became the 'Logistics Nazi' - yup when Fujitsu merged with Infinity they all moved into this building and people I had never left in my whole entire life came in and were like "oh so you're the Logistics Nazi" - What an introduction I tell you. I didnt know if I should be offended or go "darn right I am cuz if you take stuff from my room without one of us knowing all hell will break loose" But it never ended up that way. I guess I got it  becuase I watch everyone who comes in this room with hawk eyes and no one can leave with something in their hands without coming to me first. And also they wanted to scare the newbies into following rules right from the start. O well we are all freinds now and life is good.

So with the promises of more photos for you I have todays pic. Its nothing special as I realised I had'nt been out and taken one yet but here is the feminine section of my desk
Hand cream, perfume and post trauma nail treatment. Yup I thought I would put this on my nails at lunch today but instead I am writing for you. Its beucase I had fake nails and took them off myself. My nail beds were f*cked. So I went to a chemist and they suggested this for while the nails grew out. It hasnt really done much just been a protector for my nails really.

I have been doing sit ups, crunches and lady push ups every morning last week and I have started this week as well. I think that I should really stop being so lazy and go out for a walk tonight and take my camera so I can photograph things for you for tomorrows update. But if its raining well solar powered me might not work so well. Will see I really really need to change my activeness because when you loose 8kg then hit a certain weight and platau you really need to change the routine. I need to get rid of my gut. Sure I might still fit into the skinny pants, but my gut sticks out heaps. Its kinda grose. Thats what I am hoping the sit ups, crunches and if I get the motivation the walk will help with.

I am trying to think of things this year that I can do that will cost little to nothing for me. And well Puzzles are one of my solutions. Yes I am an od bod and I love the granny past time of doing puzzles so sue me. I just find them soothing and a quiet entertainment. So a few weeks back I brought a puzzle mat (So I can put it away when not working on it - one of Gareth's conditions) and have 3 1000 piece puzzles to work through. Got them off trade me for $17 including postage. I wont be starting for a bit as I still have the tedious task of tidying up the pc I will be giving mum. But at least its something I can aim for. More reading, photography and writing will be amoungst the cheap if not free things for me to do for the year while I scrimp and save all my pennies. It will be worth it

Haa I am going through a slient war with the neighbours who park next to me. Personally I dont give a flying hoot but ever since they moved in I can tell by certain things they do and the way they look at me whenever we cross paths in the basement car park that they dont like where I park. For those who have been to our place downstairs you will know we have a storage unit that has been broken into. Plus G's Bike that was stolen. Becuase of these facts Gareth parks his car (becuase it has AWESOME powersteering) right up against the storage unit and flush with the bike. Making it harder for jerks to get into things. Now one would think that with the two car parks tail to tail I would park up close to the front of the unit as well. But I park in the back space of the two because when G might want to take his car out and the chick in the right hand neighbouring car park is not there or parked far forward he can get out without playing musical cars. So with me parking there I happen to be right next to a concrete column. This means that so I dont crash my door into this chunk of concrete everytime I get out of the car I park slightly more to the left of the parking spot (TOTALLY within the yellow lines - they are pretty wide). Now we had new people move in about 3months ago and they are in the 2 parks next to my car on the left. Their spots are kinda tricky ones to get into but it can be done because like I said the parks are wide. Anyways, they soon realised that that was my parking spot & they for some reason thought that opening the door as wide as it would go to get out was not enough room for them. So they have one of their two cars park out on the road all the time. And the smaller green car - Im guessing with better power steering parks in the basement. Now this person has started pulling their wing mirror in on the side my car is on - hello we are a good metre and a half apart from each other, they have gracefully decided that a bit of green paint would look good on my door also for the one time when both cars were down in the spots and they decided that they needed to half park in my spot to get them both in. Or they park as far away as possible from my car. I more often then not they have moved my oil tray closer to the concrete column so I will park more to the right than left. Yes car leaks oil so I have a tray. What do they think I wont notice that its right up against the concrete column??? I dont get why they are so panicky about it. We have never exchanged words. Well actually thats a lie I have said hi and have had grunts in return. But personally I think the whole thing is funny. But just thought it might be interesting to share with you. 

Well I was going to put up some more pictures but I should really be getting back to work now so it will be eye candy time then ciao
I dont actually recall who this is - I know I should remember but I cant sorry someone else might. He is ok looking I put him up as someone will find him yummy
Wes Bently
Zachary Qunito yummy & Chris Pine
Tim Daly


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