Saturday, March 20, 2010

Regular Updates

Hi guys, so as promised I am going to try do more regular updates and well Im not promising anything but I am also going to try take more creative photography. I went up to the Art place on Ponsonby Road on friday night as I needed to wait for dark for the skull I wanted to photograph to be all lit up. I cant off the top of my head right now remember the name of the Art place but its next to the mobil station and the water tower there. Anyways there is always art by different people in a couple of the windows up there and I spotted the skull when I went over to catch up in Ponsonby with my mate Tess while she was here in NZ for a couple of days. So here is a photo of that and the other bit of art the same guy made. I hope he doesnt mind me putting it on my blog. I like it and want to share with you something I like :O)
So the above are by a guy named Jared Bryant and this is called "A Mid Summers Night Scream"
Its made of Clay, acrylic, and light fitting. According to the card he did it in 2005
It also has POA on the card - Price On Application
I actually really love this. Its like a classic/old precious thing you have in a home but with a modern twist
This is also by Jared Bryant and is called "Sweet Dreams"
It says on the little card made from Enamel on found object, so guessing he found the light and put the Cinderella stuff on the bottom. It was also made in 2005 and has NFS on the card (Not For Sale - drat as it would be so cute to have)

I like being able to find different little things like these to photograph. Its quite fun finding things that are out there for everyone to see but only a certain amount of people see it. Thats what I love about town there is all these little arty rooms around where people display their art or random decorative areas that just make the average that bit more interesting.

Some other things I have found to photograph and share:
This is the painting on a wall in the back of a bar in Ponsonby, cant remember the name of the bar sorry (I'm good with names you will notice)
This is the only picture I managed to take of this wall, its a driveway between buildings in Ponsonby that leads round the back. Both sides of the buildings are painted with this colourful artwork. I'll head back sometime to get the rest but I really like the vibrant colour they have on the walls
So thats all for that but here are some old belongings of mine:
This is Amanda my My Child Doll -I have had her for years and think she is WAAAAY better than those ugle Cabbage Patch Kids hee hee Im biased though. She is wearing this average looking outfit because it came with a hat and well I was going to be a hair dresser when I was younger and that meant cutting her hair. Mum told me I would regret it but I said it will be fine - turns out she was right and I wish she still had her beautiful long blonde locks but alas she is destined to wear a hat for eternity. I still love her
This is Ribbit Rabbit - I have had him since the time I was born. He is in photos of me as a baby and I have refused to let mum get rid of him. I love him because I have had him that long. He's rather cute dont ya reckon? His yellow pants are dribble proof hee hee
And this lil one is Honkey Donkey. He's pretty special as well. He was in the cot at the hospital when I was born and hadnt come home yet. He is in the photos with Ribbit Rabbit when I was little and I love him alot. Alannah got a mini little brown teddy bear when she was born 
Missy Bear - she was one of the bears that Farmers made and you could buy one Christmas years ago. She's missing eyelashes but she is in pretty good nick still. Mum brought me this and Alannah Baby Bear when she went on a tour round the South Island with a friend. I must of been 7 or 8 or something when I got her
This lil cutie is all the way from Los Angeles - see dress - my Nana Margaret brought me this blue one and my cousin Shelley a Red one when she was over there. I have never named her I dont know why
This is Champagne. He was named so becuase he is the colour of Champagne. My mum helped me with the name just incase you need to know, oh and no she is not a wine drinker but anyone knows the colours. My Dad gave me this bear. All I remember is being in a shopping mall and there was a pile of all these Teddy Bears outside like a Farmers or K-Mart or something and it was piled to the roof in the shape of a pyramid. Dunno why I was too young but Dad bought me this georg Fella. I was probably about 6 or 7. He became my bed buddie. In winter when I was freezing I would snuggle Champagne & get warm. Summer he sat on the floor next to my bed. He's so cuddley
Does he need an introduction? This is Mr Blobby. He's extremely precious because I used to watch Noel's House party & a couple of times my Uncle Ron was round and watched it with us. I always loved it when Mr Blobby came out. Anyways Uncle Ron and my cousin Rueben (his son) gave him to me one chirstmas with my fave childhood story 'The Jungle Book'. Ru thought I was a bit old to recieve teddys and kids books (I was 13) but he was wrong I loved him - see look all his spots are coming off - mind you thats because we washed him. He's pretty darn special to me becuase both Ru and Uncle Ron have passed away. They are two people who were special to me in my life and they are two of the people who are a star on my foot. The 3rd is Nana Pam
This is just a teatowel wrapped round a board with hanging rope on the back. But my mum made it and gave it to me as a gift for my 5th birthday. It always hung in my room growing up. Its a bit yellowed now but how cool is it? Pretty cool! :O)
This is my Walt Disney tin tray. I have had it for years and years. Its as you can see some popular characters all having Tea at the Mad Hatters Tea Party - click to enlarge if you want to see all their names around the outside. It used to come outside for picincs in summer with sandwiches on it
This is an old Elizabeth Arden cream pot cute huh? I have had this for years. When I was like 6 it used to have barbies shoes and little bits in it. Then later it was a holder for nail scissors and tweezers but now its in storage as my Elvis cup does that now

Ok so Im outta nostalgia memorabilia for now. I am going to move into a smaller storage unit today. So really must get my A into G and get it sorted. Its going to be a bit more expensive for me but it will be all mine. I wont have to worry about asking for money from mum and Lany for their stuff in the unit. In the saving for my OE I will be saving money to keep the storage unit.  I have to finish sorting out my old PC for mum. But its a tedious task as the PC is so ruddy slow. I would like to write and read today but there is also alot to do so dont know if I will manage too much more relaxing now. I will update more in a day or two - or maybe even tomorrow - who knows seems I always manage to find stuff to write about

Well here is a song to share with you


Stephen Moyer
James Marsden (a young pic of him)
Johnny Depp
Keanu Reeves - yes I still find him yummy. Not as yummy as I used to but still a goodie

Book Im reading Now: The Wild One - Melinda Metz
Have a great day all x

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