Thursday, March 18, 2010


So its been a good few days. I paid off my personal loan this saturday just gone. What an amazingly wicked feeling. I also paid off the HP of my little point and shoot camera. So I am no 100% debt free and can now save like crazy for the ultimate dream of heading overseas. Its just I have to wait some time for that to happen. I pretty much have no money saved at all. But I will be doing my best to save and live like a granny for the next year. One day I will be writing in this blog for the reason I started it for. An overseas diary for family. But for now I am just on cloud 9 still having no money owinig anywhere!
I have also been exercsing more. And although I havent lost any weight I havent gained it either. In the in between at the moment.
Have been in the mind set to write in my book lately which is really good. However with the 3 re-writes I have had I am at the place I have been at 3 times before. But I will persist and eventually it will be finished. Its hard to do and its something Im definately not talented at. Writing I definately enjoy but I dont know how to write really. So far Joanne has enjoyed what I have written even though she has kinda laughed after everytime she has read my writing. I think its more one of those I can see that person is just like you and also the I know someone whose writing a book type attitude. O well thats what constructive critisism is all about.
So Gareth is going to Fiji in 3 months and its kinda been hit by tornado weather. Hopefully it wont be all destroyed when he gets there. Will be interesting for him to see though. Hope the people there are doing ok. Its not a nice thing at all.
Ooo so I finally got 10 barcodes from Mainland Cheese wrappers and was able to send them in on the Yellow Eyed Penguin poster and donate $10 to them. I wish it was more but I think that its good that I could give anything at all. I now have another poster up. So if anyone wants to indulge in a $15 block of mainland cheese (can you freaking believe the prices these days?) can I please have the barcode bit of your wrapper? :O)
Mum has moved into a new place and its really nice there for her. I really hope that it all works out well for her and she can stay at this place for a very long time. She needs something like that.
I havent seen my girls in ages and I rather miss them. But will be catching up with Nikki this weekend. I hope Jo will be there and maybe I can see her belly hiccuping cute. It was good to catch up with my mate Keryn last weekend and lany was there. A mate of theirs Sam was also there and we all just sat around talking nonsense. We talked about Poo - yup poo gross but we talked about the different types and how in the world do ladies in work loos get blood and stuff on the walls, we talked about everything and it was funny, gross and seriously intersting. Do you know how good it is to get that sorta talk off your chest. You know you have found a good group of friends when you can talk to them about Poo. Bless those girls it was a great chat.
Im moving into a smaller storage unit this weekend. Its kinda gunna cost me more becuase Alannah and Mum wont be sharing it with me. But it will be my unit. It will be less money to save and put into an account for when Im overseas though and thats the main plan.
Anyways there is 15mins before i have to get to work and I still have to do a couple things.
So signing out and will talk again soon
Kellan Lutz
Gerard Butler
Henry Cavil
Ian Somerhalder
Jeffery Dean Morgan
Sara Rameriz
Kate Walsh
Sophie Ellis Baxter
Sandra Oh
So I have decided that I will try update my blog more often and take more photos. I really dont take enough and keep saying I will I never do do I?

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