Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm So Excited and I just cant Hide It!

So there are 4 more sleeps till monday when my personal loan will ALL be paid off! Im pretty excited about it. As its finally step 1 over in the long arduous task of finally getting my A into G & doing my dream of heading overseas & travelling. Those who all know me will probably feel this is a bit of a broken record buy now as its taken just under 3 years to get step one out of the way. 15K plus interest is less than $300 to the finish line. I have my amazing man Gareth to thank for helping me by kicking my butt and telling me the best decision is to grit your teeth and stay here and pay your loan off. You dont want to be paying it off overseas. Which I didn't he was right, but it meant delays to an already delayed dream. But then they say the best things take time like cheese lol! Man I would sooo love it if Gareth was interested in travelling with me. I am going to seriously miss him. But its not his cuppa tea so yea. Anyways the money man Gareth put my money affairs in order when he first found out about my embarrassing stupid silly large loan & becuase of him something that should of taken 7-10 odd years to pay off has taken just under 3!
I will be doing tiny celebrations like reading glasses (I am kinda going blurry eyed & its not from alcohol :p), I was planning on removing a mole on my breast but thats like $500 & I think I would prefer not to spend that amount. So I need reading glasses anyways & Specs Savers can do a nice pair for $329 which is enough cash spent, then there is the eye check price, & the script on the lenses. Soo thats a more important $500 odd, yes I know the mole is as important but I am a photographer & my eyes at the moment mean alot to me.  I think I might just do one more thing to celebrate but thats it. Just something little. Like buy myself a nice necklace or dye my hair at the salon or something I dont know just yet. I dont want to spend too much.
Anyways its all so exciting so YAY me!

So I had monday & tuesday off work. Saturday I popped up to my mum's new place and helped her move a whole bunch of things & gave her more things from storage poor thing. Sunday I pretty much was home the whole day, had a sleep and just relaxed in gerneral. Monday I spent the morning sorting out my old computer so that I can get it ready for mum to have/use. From 1 till 6pm I sorted a whole bunch of stuff out in the storage unit. Photographing everything so I can see what I acutally have down there. Getting rid of stuff I dont honestly need. I have about 6 more boxes to go through. No there isnt a crazy amount its just I photographed everything & while I was down there found my 'Skinny Clothes' box which I pulled out and tried on - I fit most of the clothes. All bar about 4 tops which were tiny tiny. So I am soo excited becuase its like a whole new wardrobe without spending the money on one. Still I have to loose the gut, sure I have lost 8kg since about November last year but I would like to (as per previous update) get down to 65kg. And becuase I am the Queen of Demotivation I have set myself numerous weeks to do this. I was hoping by July but we will see. I tend to get to a certain weight and not shift up or down for a year or so. So I have to really work to loose this. The main annoying bit is I have a gut on me. I need to get moving lots like running (baa haa haa what a funny thing Rianna Run? I dont think so) but the active movements is what I need to loose weight. Would prefer to do it in the morning but number one, its a little unsafe and number two it annoys gareth as it wakes him up when I get up at 6am to go for my walk stumble run stumble and then he cant get back to sleep so has an hour of annoying laying in bed. I can understand how thats annoying as it would be for me too, but its the only time I'm truly motivated. So I might chat with him and see about doing it like 3 times a week or something. OOOO SHITE Washing - BRB
Done, oops the washing machine finished 20minutes ago and it was about time I set the dishwasher off. Anyways all sorted now. Well I took photos from my art work that I have done in the past when I did this course called Art Foundation - this was me hoping to become some sort of artist photographer, but as it turns out it was difficult for me to do it corrospondence and I cant do art on demand. Not even my beloved photography. Everything for me I have to be in the mood for. Well anyways I thought I would share some of my pencil drawings with you.

This Killer Whale was an image in a book I had in the water, so I drew it.  17-01-99

This was in my major Terminator Phase. Found some old pics of Arnie in a magizene and I think this has got to do with his stuff for Conan. He's in water incase your wondering. This was done 15-08-97
Ahh also the addiction to Keanu Reeves. This was a poster on my wall. 17-11-98
Venturing outside the pencil with pastals. I think I cheated a bit on these pics, well def with the smaller one. They o so perfect. Think I may of traced the outline in pencil. Not that I could see much its thick paper but still musta seen something they are good. No date unfortunately but I think 98
I love shading, not that I went overly hard out on this. This was me sitting outside on the deck with the empty bottle of beam and drawing it. I kinda like drawing glass bottles, dont know they are interesting for some reason. Think its the way the light plays with the glass and the differnet shadows. 26-02-2000
Next year I started the course. I had done many many pictures inbetween all this but idiot me only kept ones I was happy with. Anyways this took 2 days 21 & 22/04/01
This I drew down at the gathering at my Grandads funeral. It was sorta meant to be more cartoonish but didnt quite happen. Argh look at those hideous hands lol! I did get better (but worse now as out of practice). This was just from somehting I had dreamt. Turned out Dad drew a very similar style pic around the same time. 07/12/01
I think this one is cute. I just loved the flower I saw in a mag, so drew it & decided I wanted to draw a little fairy inside. Its like the petals opened & she was asleep inside where she had been for the night, but she hadn't quite awoken. I gave up on doing an intersting stem seeing as the first design didn't work
16/07/02 - 4 hours
Again another image I saw in a mag. Dunno what it was advertising or what the article was but the female body is a lovely thing to draw. I made it a bit more intersting, The Last of The Fairies. Had some thought that her wings were shrinking and going to fall off. She's crying becuase she is the last of her kind. Sad really
I rather like this one, I remember not liking it at the time but I like how simple it is. This was part of the course, do a quick pain study of the back of a human. I think there was some sort of time limit on it but I forgot to record it. I think it was like half hour or something. Knowing me I prob did it in an hour. Actually I think I like this one so much I might just frame it
14/10/02 - ooo my birthday
I cheated on this one, I wanted to do the shading of the fabric under water more than the body, plus it was a really nice pic of Kate Winslet. Its from a Vanity Fair mag, I just really liked the pic. Hoped I could portray it well but I tried and tried and got grumpy at myself so traced a lot ooops naughty naughty but then I have also been told its how we learn to draw as well
Here is the original photo. I still really like the photography to this day. I really like the artist stuff they do with celebrities in Vanity Fair photoshoots.
This is from a book I own. I did it hoping to do a rather intense full on page drawing but only ended up with this I couldnt figure out what else I wanted to do to it without distroying the eye piece. I think I was hoping to give it to my brother Seth for a gift for his birthday or something but turned out I liked it more. No date unfortunartely. Took me 3 days though I remember that
I love love love this image. Is actually an Opuim ad. Dont know its slogan but I really love the image. I think I may of taken the outline of her body a bit, but the feet, hands & hair I drew myself as it was a study of the hands & feet for the course. But I found this image and fell in love with it. Its so striking. I might frame this one as well
The original. I love the image to this day. I love how white she is against the dark bacground, but then her georgous red hair. Its Sophie Dhal but as skinny Sophie when she decided that fat was ugly. Its a bummer as it was so nice to have a lovely real sized model out there, but apparently something happened and she got skinny. Dunno why health reasons, pressure whatever but a tiny bit of a bummer.
This was another perfume add, I made it a bit more interesting. Dunno what the moon is all about but meh I like it  24/11/02
Okay so this picture is me cheating a bit, well alot. I was impatient and wanted to get shading, so I helped myself by tracing the outline of the bodies and filled most of everthing in the centre. I was in the mood to do shading and I knew it was gunna take me ages to get a base picture ready so I cheated - naughty naughty I know but it would of taken 2 days otherwise. No date but I like the pic
This is the sorta picture that takes me a few days to do. So much errasing and swearing and more errasing. And eventually I get a good result 14/04/02

Gee those are some good drawings, ask me to draw like that today and I'd be like whatever! I'd have to get back into practice and then in the mood and one day maybe just one day I might be that good again. Lol. Nah I can do it if I set my mind to it and it just takes a few days to draw, intense conentration, no inturruptions and no swear jar. I'm not perfect and sometimes I get naughty but eventually I should practice enough to get perfect. I was really in the mind set for drawing back then so it was better. Not so much now it was like 8 or so years ago. Its more photography and writing. Which funny enough I have done neither in 2 weeks almost. Slacker I know
Anyways will leave you with some eye candy (you never know now I've found these images I might just draw again? But who knows)
Zachary Quinto
Hugh Jackman
Yay have a good day all x

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