Monday, February 1, 2010

So Addicted

I have been soo addicted to Roswell lately. I've got through season one and now onto season two. Its a really great show apart from the terrible 90's fashion haa haa. But I am quite into the story. Wish they had done more than 3 seasons but the ratings apparently sucked, cant understand why - oh yea that Buffy The Vampire Slayer came out at the same time and apparently that was more intersting. I didnt really watch the show. I am one of those people that unless I watch it right from the beginning Im not interested and since I didnt watch that from the beginning I wasnt interested in watching the show. I did see a few shows though and enjoyed what I saw.
Watched Donnie Darko finally the other night that movie WTF??? Seriously weird. I was ready to give up and not watch the movie at all but I started it and was really curious as to where they were going with it. But I dont even know how to explain it. Time Travel is the gyst of it but odd stuff.
Oooo fun I have been told a few times lately that I am looking like I lost weight! Yay fun! I am feeling pretty good despite the fact that I sold my gym membership. I am trying to walk more often and I have been watching my portion sizes quite closely. Apart from last night round at Ian and Jo's, I went rather overoard on the Tim Tams. Ooops. I havent had chocolate or anything like that in a few months and I just really felt like sugar. So I ate a bit more than I should of hee hee but it was very nice. Now I think Im sussed for another few months. The good thing is I wasnt havent had a hugley sore stomach today which was surprising really. Musta had enough sleep last night to get it mostly out of my system.
Yeah so earlier this week Nikki and I went round to Jo and Ian's place to watch the DVD that was taken of Jo's baby bump. Man such amazing things to be able to see your baby inside of you. I know we are in a world now days where that sort of thing is common and technology allows us to do sooo much more than we used to but its still pretty darn amazing really to be able to see inside your belly and watch your unborn baby move around. Pretty cool. We now know the sex of the lil bub and its a boy! Nikki was adamant that it was a boy and she was right. I at first thought she had a girl but changed my mind to boy before I found out, dunno why just thought yeah actually looking at how fast the belly is growing I just thought it had to be a boy. Was a good decision change in the end hee hee. Have since found out that she is so large now becuase well she is tiny and the only place for the baby to grow is out. I never even thought about that. Either way fun! They are keeping the name a secret till baby is born which is cool.
Had Anna's party to go to friday night and was up till 4am in the morning! My god I am too old for that sorta thing. I have been tired for the last few days because of it. Tried to sleep in the arvo and got 20mins as gareth was crashing round in the kitchen making himself cocktails. Today heading over to my cousin Shelleys place for a catch up which shall be good as havent hung out with her properly yet this year.
Ahhh what else? Farrr my little brothers are growing up quick. Seth is in 7th form this year (yr 13) and Liam is in 5th form (yr 11) man time flies. Pretty amazing really. But then everyone grows up. Seth chopped off all his hair the other day. Which will be interesting to see, he has had long hair since he was about 12 and just kept growing it. He decided to chop it off as was time for a change plus more respectable for jobs. Intersted in seeing what he looks like. Dad just text and said all 3 boys have short hair now.
My great Uncle David is over from New Jersey for 2 weeks so we are going to visit him next weekend. Have a gathering of the family to say hi. He is my Dad's Uncle. Think he is my Grandad Johns brother but cant remember. Will be fun meeting him.
Well thats all I can be bothered writing for now, here are some pictures:

Glowing Jo and her beautiful lil boy gowing away

Lany & I at BDO 2010 in the Bolier Room

Lany & I at BDO 2010 - pulling silly faces

Lany & I at BDO 2010 - on one of the rides
The next photos are from a series called Private Moon Series by photographers from Russia named Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov taken I think in 2005. I think they are pretty amazing, remember click to enlarge

hee hee sleeping with the moon

Hmm sorry folks something has gone wrong with the allignment of my photos. Anyways pretty magickal arent they? I think they really show an intense love for the moon and stars in their photos. I dunno you look at the photos and you get the feeling that the people in them are in love with the moon and cherish it completly I think its quite neat.
Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick a song that got stuck in my head the other day
Playing on my winamp right now. I first heard it on Vampire Diaries.
These pictures just make me go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Couldnt decide so got a bunch of them
L2R- Cam Gigandet, Kellen Lutz,  Alexander Skarsgard and Ian Somerhalder
This is from a movie called The Forsaken. You have Brendan Fehr up the back, in front its Johnathon Schaech, Kerr Smith and Simon Rex
Then the Twilight Boys who doesnt know who they are by now? But you have to admit Stephanie Meyer got the world reading just like JK Rowling so I think thats pretty cool in my books. I know so many people who have read the Twilight series who just would never read, not even yet read the Harry Potter books so I reckon thats cool.
Anyway till the next time I can be bothered jumping on and rambling and putting pix up
Enjoy Auckland Anniversary Day all x

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