Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello You

Hello to all the lovely people who read my blog. I got really quite chuffed the other day when my mate Jo said she reads my blog and when I havent updated it she's a bit "awww", also my cousin Shelley has been without a PC for a few weeks and she told me she missed my blog as well. Which is great becuase I didnt think I was the most entertaining writer in the world but I do try to put a pic up or a video up that might keep some of them entertained for a few seconds. But thank you to all who read it, makes me smile to know you do :O)
So here is todays entry:
After taking off my fake nails myself a few weeks back and totally distroying them I went out and brought myself a Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment. Sounds flash aye? Doesnt really do much but it has been helping my nails heal so I guess thats the main thing. Either that of my nails are healing and its a good cover for them to help them keep protected I dont know I havent really tested it. But incase anyones interested thats it. When over at Shelleys monday I painted my toe nails in my famous Electric pink nail polish. However I felt it too bright, so covered it with this copper colour I have. The outcome is a pretty fantastic colour I reckon - for those of you who hate feet dont look - I just wanted to show the colour - It will also be my photo for the day slack huh? Haa haa Im sooo lazy lately
Sorry to those who find feet yuk but its a pretty colour - well I think so. Anyways that said the car is down at the mechanic again. The boys down there are hopefully creating something for my seat runner on the passanger seat of the car. It was wobbly and didnt pass its warrant. Somehow is missing a stopper or something. So they are creating something. They were going to put the seat back in but then Gareth rings me this morning and says ah well you see the nuts, bots and the plastic coverings for putting the seat back in are still in the storage unit. Soooo I have to have them creating today, then take it back tomorrow with the seat installed so I can pass my warrant. Has to get done tomorrow as my rego is due. Getting the oil leak priced up today as well as its pretty bad and I should really have it looked into.
My old work mate Julia sent me through this wicked blog link today. Its all about craft stuff. Nikki I got my mind ticking over with ideas: it looks fun. I was checking out Martha Stewarts Craft stuff last night, some of you may barf at the lady but I think she has some fun ideas there. Of course they all cost lots of money to actually make so I will just look at them and go "ooooo pretty I wanna make one" and do it in about 5 years. Yes I got the hard word from my close friend Nikki today "every cent you spend on something you dont really need missy Archery, Craft Stuff, Books, is one less cent to your bigger goal - your trip overseas!" Sigh yup sooo true, so now I think its time I get into head down, bum up mode for saving. I will be debt free in 2 months. I should start planning. I have to sit down and talk with Gareth, he is fully aware that its going to happen me heading overseas but I worry about him. I know I should think about myself and sure he is not going to make me change my mind at all but I have to make sure he will be ok. I love the ginger ninja and it feels odd to be saying "ooo I love you but Im going to be out of your life in a year or so" feels horrible and cruel really. So I want to make sure he's at peace with it - he keeps telling me he is and always knew it would happen but you know what I mean.
My sleeping has been horrible lately. It has been taking me at least 2hours to get to sleep and last night when I was trying to sleep I heard a big crashing/smashing type noise outside. So I went over to the ranch slider and peered my head out into the blearing light coming from Kings Arms and the city and tried to make out where the noise was coming from. Turns out I spotted a figure on top of the roof of the derelict building next door. On the side that was closer to the blue building. I yelled out in my not so loud night voice "What the Hell are you doing?" Whoever it was - seemed female, didnt jump or react much but walked along the length of the roof to the street side and dissaperared. It sounded like whoever they were got back onto the pavement and took off but Im not too sure I didnt really hear any other noises. I was going to ring the cops but I swear that they took off. If there are any reported problems with around there I will ring and tell the cops what I saw. Not too much help as I couldnt even work out what colour this person was wearing let along what they were wearing and sex. They were in pretty much complete darkness. But reporting it would be a good thing to do. I am soooo weary of any snoopy noses since our garage area has been broken into soo much.
Oh haa haa watch episodes of Roswell last night where they find the other 3 (4) ailens that were sent to earth with them as well. It was quite funny as the others were from New York and looked like utter tough punks. Funnier even further becuase of the fashion. Oh it wasnt all bad it was just funny to look at and see all their fake piercings, tattoos, watch them play tough "I dont need no one, I dont answer to no one" people and speak with pretend New York accents - mind you I sooo couldnt do any better. Have you seen me in the Kulus video clip? Duane tells me there are Zombies I look around with this "oh ok duhhh" look on my face and slowly crawl into the tent hee hee. I look funny to me. But then we are our worst criticisors (spelling sorry)
Anyways I think Im done typing there here are pictures and stuff:
More sidewalk spray painting. This one has been at the bus stop outside my work for ages but I finally photographed it as now I know who Kidz In Space are and I like em.
The pretty little birds that live in our area. I wish I knew what they were
I agree
You are x
Finger tattoos are kinda popular at the moment. I saw a chick with a bow tattooed on her middle finger at the BDO she was making sure everyone saw it but that she wasnt showing it off kinda show it was funny, it included picking her nose. I watched it for a bit while in line for the loos was funny
Neat photography/photoshop photo
Hee hee little white sausages all lined up too tired to even stand and eat, all bar one - he's the one that will make all the mischief
Robert Downey Junior - Funny I only find him taseful now that he is a bit older and more mature. Maybe that he isnt so much in trouble with the law anymore but maybe its more that he's not looking like this:
See much better dont you think?
God I loved him in this role in Tropic Thunder: "I know what dude I am. I'm the dude playing the dude, disguised as another dude."
Num num as Holmes in his latest movie which is pretty good. Iron Man 2 comes out I think March 7th

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