Thursday, February 11, 2010

took a while but here it is

I know I have been sooo slack at updating this. I just havent been in the mood to update it every single day lately. But then this way there is more to write and tell you all about.

K so lots has happened. Tonight while I was baking (yes I do that occasionally) jam kisses the gym next door started smoking ever so slightly and people started emerging from the place. Gareth yelled out to people on the sidewalk and apparently there was a fire. About 5minutes later 5 appliances turned up and saw to whatever was causing the problem. Dont think it was too serious as they werent there that long. Either way interesting stuff and I took a photo of 2 of the trucks that could be seen.

With the baking it's just something I felt like doing for my work mates seeing as its good ol valentines day on sunday, plus another reason I'll share in a minute. Anywhos I needed corn flour to make the ingredients as we were out at home so popped down to the Supermarket. As I jumped in the car to leave some girl who had pulled in beside my passanger side opened her drivers door pretty hard into my passanger door, she then proceeded to poke her head into my window as it was open and feebly apologise - really wasnt heart felt - and be on her merry way. Man that sorta thing grinds my gears I mean at least put some heart into it you fucker because if I was driving an Audi or BMW I know you would be panicing like crazy in your crappy lil mitshitbitsy. Hee hee that grump off my chest. Turns out when I got out to look at the door that she hadnt even dented the door. Just scrapped it in two places and left her tard blue paint on my door. I think the thing that I was most upset about was it chipped one of my stars - but here I am being padantic becuase a blind man would be happy to see how much of the star actually came off which wasnt much at all. I was just annoyed. And well becuase that door has a few lil rust spots on it I swore, growled, got in the car turned up my music and drove home to bake my kisses.

So the other reason I am baking the kisses is becuase on the 20th to the 21st Feb I will be doing the Cancer Soiety Relay for Life at Mount Smart Stadium with friends Kimi, An-Ya their mum Lynn and their group. Obviously we are doing it to raise money for the Cancer Society so you have to head round asking people if they will sponser you and donate money towards it. Well my work mates were terrific, amazing in fact. I have so far raised I think at last count $403 - will have to confirm when its all over but yeah man what wicked people to do that for me. The only people that said no were people who had already raised or donated money to Cancer Society/Hospice recently due to sick partners or something like that. So I completely understand. But wow I am really proud of my work mates for giving so freely to such an awesome cause. Cancer kills I think its something like 8000 kiwi's every year. Thats so sad. It feels amazing to of raised so much and be giving it to such a good honest cause. Its actually a neat little high to know I gave more than the change from my wallet - which dont get me wrong that totally counts too, but to raise so much I just couldnt believe how excited I was to be able to have it to give. So the kisses are also my way to say thank you work mates.

I will post photos of the event of course. Our team are getting dressed up as Wild West Sherriffs. We start at midday sat and go right through till 10am the next day. The aim is to keep this batton going around the track the whole time. It starts off with a survivours lap honuring those that have survived the horrible disease, then it gets under way. There is live entertainment and at 9pm or so there are bags that you can buy with candles in them that will be lined along the track and lit for a candle light vigil remembering those that have passed. We camp out overnight and then in the morning after a brekky we are told what has been raised and eventually come to 10am for pack up tidy up and leave time. Really excited about it.

This weekend my Dad is up from Napier with both my brothers. Seth who has just been made prefect at his school wow cool for him. Sat Dad, Boys and I are having a picnic somewhere for celebrating Dad's birthday that was yesterday. Sunday I will be heading to the Travel Expo in the morning before catching up with everyone again round at Aunty Jackies place for dinner and the meeting of my Dad's uncle David who is over from New Jersey at the moment. Also saturday night Gareth is taking me out to Dinner at Knights on Albert and we are going to see Avatar again in 3D but this time at IMAX. Im seriously not intersted in seeing it again but Gareth is really keen to see it so I am going along for him to enjoy himself.

Last weekend on friday night was the regular poker night and it was held at Ian and Jos place. Then saturday I took my mum up to Matakana Farmers Market  and she really enjoyed it. Took a whole bunch of nice photos. Sat night round at Kate and Antons for BBQ with a few people to celebrate Kate's birthday. Then sunday I think if I remember rightly I got to relax lol :p

PHOTOS IVE TAKEN LATELY - all with my little canon point and shoot so photos of the birds will be fuzzy as I was using the optical zoom:
Street Spray painting, strangly I like it. Aliens vs Predator again again again????
I think this one was designed like this, maybe if you drank more water it would stand out more???
This one has been there for a while now but I like it - If you could gain power from anything how would you use it? Intersting food for thought
Not so much street painting but arcade stencil graffiti
Bake Or Die? Huh? Dont get it but there were a few of these stickers around. Luckily I do bake
Gareth's new liquor cabnit. Payed a pretty penny for it but looks better than alcohol lining the hallway. He has since added 4 more bottles to it and since he recently won a prize where it was $500 worth of vouchers then he decided to spend all that $500 on alcohol hmmm will take a photo another time once its all in there. The juices and soda waters will come out and store elsewhere
Sunny afternoon walk home
Again these Swallows capture my attention. I think they are adorable
Hee hee this one spotted me
Sitting on the fence preening and chilling
They know when your looking, but look at the blue in the feathers sorry all these are 48x zoomed with my optical so are grainy
One of the trucks that turned up for the gym fire
My kisses xxx
My Goddess this is an Amazing photo dont cha think?
A smile from an Axalotl to you, awww look at his fluffy bits hee hee so cute
hee hee hee
Milo Ventimiglia is in this video clip of Fergie's - Big Girls Dont Cry
My Fave Smashing Pumpkins song 
And now for
Yup sorry its Taylor Lautner - only becuase he is finally 18 today. I didnt feel like such a pervert when I read that news until I realised my little brother Seth is only 18 this year as well  ooops o well I know there are ladies older than I who find him irristable - he's a great actor though at least he doesnt look like he is about to throw up all the time - Dont get me wrong Rob is hot but uh not sure about the immese pain he brings to Edward is quite right. O well thats just my opinion
Looking Foxy hee hee
And because its about time I did it here is
Evan Rachel Wood - she plays Sophie-Anne Leclerq on True Blood
Hayden Panettiere
Juilanne Moore
And one more for the road
Till next time stay kool till after school

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