Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the happenings

Over the last few days since my last update I have done a few things. Found out how little I have owing on my personal loan which is great YAY it will be paid off in 2 more pay days! I cant believe it, 2 years to pay off a $15 K Loan how awesome is that. Yes I have been living with stingy money from month to month but I have coped and becuase of it I will soon be debt free. What was the loan for? Well I have noting to show for it actually it was stupidness thats what it was. I didnt even buy a car or fix my teeth like I planned. Well I did buy a car but not the one I wanted to buy. Although I truly love my star car I have spent so much money on it its just not funny. I have Gareth to thank for helping me get my debt sorted. He helped me put so much money towards it per month and I also learnt respect for money. Something I never had. And becuase of it I can still dedicate the money I put to the loan each month towards an overseas trip. Something Im planning on doing in about March/April next year. Which means that even though I have paid off my loan I still expect for the next year I will be living by the skin of of me teeth so that I can scrimp and save every last penny I can. I have two things to take care of. A mole thats discoloured a little and reading glasses. Thats in April this year, and then save save save. Gareth said I should maybe take a month to celebrate and just buy what I want in order to celebrate otherwise it will feel so mundayne. I might but I dont know just yet.
What else? Well on the weekend just gone I celebrated Nikita's birthday round at my cousin Shelley's place. Mark and Shellz had a really neat set up in the gararge downstairs. It was all covered in tarp so that it was like a disco room. There were fariy lights, a disco ball, a coloured rotating ball and even guitar, mic and amp to sing into. FUN! I would of loved to of been young and at someones place for that.

Nikita and her friends

The interior of the Garage Mark and Shellz decorated

The disco light ball and gifts for Nikita

Nicky and her son Jaydon

Rose and Mark

Kimmy and Shellz

I didnt manage to take anymore photos as my battery ran out. Which is annoying because I checked it before I left and it was full. O well at least I got what I did. Saturday night went round to Nikki and Pauls and had a bbq. Alana (Nikkis sis), Keir, Ian and Jo also turned up and we hung out. We played Pauls BDay gift which was Family Guy Trivial Pursuit and then later in the night played Crainium - totally enjoyed it. Sunday popped into Storage Unit and grabbed craft stuff and put away som other stuff. Monday Jo got her 3 month scan of her bubby and so on Wednesday night Nikki and I will be heading round to watch the video to try guess what sex baby is. Exciting, she is looking absolutely radiant and bubby is growing sooo fast. Poor thing is always crazy shattered though.

I went out and took some creative photos the other day and was really bumed that my new point and shoot didnt have Black and White or Sepia options on it. I found out that it does have the options only you have to take the photo in colour, then when you are viewing it you can go into the menu and edit them there, resaving a new photo in the new colour. Here are some of the photos I took and also with their new colour options.

These are art pieces in a space up on KRd

Yee hee black and white

So much more fun its in Sepia ooo so pretty

Pretty amazing sculptures, its a shame they are through the windows

I think my next step should be learning how to photograph things through windows so you dont getso much glare

I like this one, the photo and the sculpture, they all look like huge book ends

The original

The Black and White

The Sepia
Pretty and fun! :O)

25 More pages have now been written towards my book. I ramble rather alot but hopefully that will make the story interesting. Well crossing my fingers, Im not exactly the most entertaining person, but the point is Im enjoying what Im doing so all is well with the world lol :P
Here is two songs I am loving right now, both by Bat For Lashes. I think Im going to try hunt down some albums by her, the music is amazing

There is some amazing photography in that clip, she's a stunner

pretty song it makes me smile

Now for a few pictures - not many as unfortunately we are on slow slow slow internet and its taking forecer to upload anything  :O)

I love this pic

Never say Duck to a Swan


Jason Behr - just becuase I have been watching Roswell so much lately. I found out today he is married to KaDee Strickland who plays Dr Charlotte King on Private Practice. Cute couple

From The Tattoist - lil tougher and edgier than lovey dovey Max from Roswell - Click to Enlarge remember

Couldnt resist adding a photo I thought they were so cute together

Well Enjoy!

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