Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wee hee first ever by me

So I finally got into Windows Movie Maker for the first time ever and created this!!!! Im sooo proud:

Hope you like it, I sure do. Kinda scarey uploading something like this onto youtube but hopefully its just a way friends and family can look at my photos another way. I'm now thinking in my spare time I should get together a whole bunch of photos and put them onto DVD's like this for gifts for family. Well hopefully that can work.

Anyways my update for the rest of today is going to consist of things:

another one is

Photography & art pix - not by me:

Apparently this is in Bejing

Pukeko crossing!


Awwww adoramoreable

This is pretty amazing, simple yet affective

old pic looks like its been painted
Not promising to make this one a regular but maybe just see

awww poor kitty
Cute Pic for today - maybe another regular???

Baby Bunny wants you


Henry Cavil

And till tomorrow or soon again
Live life to the fullest and love as much as your heart can hold while you are here

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