Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010 Wow can you believe we're here?

Well we're here its 2010 what a year. New Years eve was pretty boring. G & I at home as he was sick but was nice being with him, we are celebrating New Years tonight as well as we missed out last night. This is only going to be a short update as Im heading off to the beach with Nikki soon. I will also later update the photos I took at the Symonds Street cemetry. For now I hope you all had a wonderful New Year may it be fantasticly amazing for you :O)

Here are a song I completely love:

It's SUCH a beautiful song, you have to turn volume up. I picked this one as I like the way she sings it here however her live recording is AMAZING as well.


Paul Wesley

Right signing off now luff and stuff ciao bellas x

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