Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Last Day Of the Year

Well the last day of the year so I thought I would do a bit of an update for you. I am on a new computer so I dont have any pictures to share with you. But since I have discovered the You Tube clip it shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Anyways 2009 what a year. Moved from West Harbour into the apartment Gareth purchased in Newton here. We have now been in this place 10months. It has been really nice living here. Great to finally be under our own roof and even though there has been some terrible break ins since we have been here it hasnt been all bad. September as you all know I flew to Australia to photograph my very first wedding. It was amazingly fun. I enjoyed it so much. Was shattered by the end of the day but my cuz Robbie took me out to have a drink at the Hard Rock Cafe afterwards and it was a nice way to wind down. But yeah I mean I wish the photos were more amazing I mean you are always your toughest critic but I think I did a pretty good job and it was really nice seeing the smiles on Garry & Staceys faces as they looked through the photos. But it aws a pretty good year. 2010 will be an even better one I just know it. Loan will be paid off in March and I can FINALLY start saving for the OE that I have been hanging out to do for some years. Other plans will be getting my full license haa haa yup still dont have that. And the usual get fit and eat healthy (ba haa ha thats one I do every year) this time I am actually going to try harder than I normally give the effort to this particular goal.

Heading to my good friends Nikki and Pauls place tonight and will bed surrounded by great friends there to see in the new year. Couldnt ask for a better way to do it really. I am hoping to pop out and see my mum soon so I will sign off and give you guys a few you tube clips to watch :O)

This is a beautiful song and dance, cant wait to watch the DVD Gareth gave me for christmas

I am so inlove with this song, sorry no video clip to watch but the song is beautiful. It gives me juice pimples all over. Watch the live recording if you prefer it will almost make you cry: Bon Iver-Skinny Love Reel Recording 2008 yotube

This is another song I enjoy. Its a little more entertaining with the clip here from Greys which is where I heard the song first

Another song I would like to share with you, yeah I know another pretty song but this is the kind of music I have been in the mood for the last few weeks. I adore Alexandra Patsavas, she does all the music for Grey's, Private Practice, Twilight, The OC, & Gossip Girl not that I have ever watched the last 2 but the music from them are fanasatic. And hey when I really like something I want to share it with you all :O) Haa haa in the video clip you should watch the guy scooting round on the office chair I have sooo done that haa haa :p

Alexandra Patsavas
Anyways think thats enough clips for now I am going to give you hotties for the day from the old TV show Roswell

Jason Bher who played Max Evans last seen in The Grudge

Brendan Fher who played Michael Geurin last seen in CSI Maimi, Samurai Girl and Now Bones
These were the hotties of the late 90's for me. Hee hee memories they rock :O)

Well everyone I hope you have a safe and happy New Year till I say hello to you all again enjoy the last of 2009

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