Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Over Countdown to the New Year

Christmas Day has passed and what a wonderful day. Woke up about quarter to 7 so we could get ready and head out to Kate and Antons in Westgate. Got there round 8 to a very excited Mickaylah. We got right into letting her open her gifts right away as she had been up for a long time. Goddess there is nothing more that I love than seeing the excited faces of little kids like opening their gifts. It really makes you happy. The overwhelming joy on their little faces and the unbelievable happiness is what makes the world go round. Lil Noah wasnt quite sure what to make of the day being it was his first christmas and all but he got into opening gifts with mum and was quite intrigued by the toys he recieved. The day wasz stunning we had beautiful sun all day long. Clear blue skies and lotsa happiness. I got a few gifts, that Gareth he spoils me rotten. He got me Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on DVD yay I had been looking for that for ages. Also another season of x-files. So I now have 5 of the 9 seasons. He got me $70 to spend at Amazon and $80 to spend at Ruby Wax, also a bracelet with a blue sodalite stone which is the stone of confidence & self-esteem but can also be used in any situation which requires intution and logic. Its really pretty. Kate & Anton & the kids got me the New Moon soundtrack YAY & a box of chocky almonds yum. John got me $30 to spend at my Kmart cuz Kmart Rocks! and a chocolate Santa. Wow talk about lucky me.

Brekky was waffles, bacon, grilled bananas, strawberries and maple syrup (and the yummy canadian stuff too). We had brekky outside on the deck with everyone. We then went up and Mickaylah, Gareth and I all had a jump on the trampoline that Santa brought for Mickaylah and Noah. Talk about bouncy fun. I had forgotten how much fun those things were. Just like swings. Man your never too old for that stuff. From here popped home to drop off gifts and pack for the afternoon. Gareth stayed home watched movies while I drove up to Whang Peninsula to visit my mum at Uncle Ians for a lil bit. Said merry xmas and then gave Stone his gifts of Iron Man on DVD and a water ball that he could use in the swimming pool he got for christmas from Santa. From there headed over to Dianes for the Harrison family do and caught up with the family there. Robbie was over from UK (or New York where he is now living) and had brought Meike there so she had a nice chirssy day. Had lunch and then exchanged gifts with Mum and Lany. Lany got me a trilogy of books called The Wayfarer Redemption that go with my Axis Trilogy, and a $25 whitcoulls voucher. Mum made a lovely plastic bag holder for me - something Gareth thinks is really ugly and tacky but f him I like it lots. I got mum the electric toothbrush she wanted and brought on behalf of Gareth Susan Boyles album. Lany got her a fishing rod holder for the sand that I picked up and I cant actually remember what else. Got Lany a gym bag, a $10 voucher for Kmart and $10 towards the gift dad gave her of Hair Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner. Also some socks. Dad also gave me season one of Roswell. Which Im gunna watch soon. What a well off christmas it was.

The afternoon drove up to Riverside Matakana to Pete and Jans place and caught up with the O'Brien clan again. Had a lovely relaxing afternoon on the deck there & just chatted & drank the night away. We had homemade pizzas for Dinner. Jan completely out did herself by having all the food already cut up and ready to put on the pizzas, there were sauceds and spreads galore. Had the secret santa pass the parcel thing which was once again heaps of laughs. I ended up getting a Peter Jackon Biography. Gareth got a box of chockies which he is happy with. Stayed the night in one of the units which was great becuase the bed was so big that Gareth would move and it wouldnt shake the bed YAY it was awesome. We ended up staying 2 nights. It was heapsa fun as I got to spend a bit of time with Kate and Noah and I havent done that in ages. Gareth and I got to do other things rather than sitting in front of the telly. Played Tennis with him which I really enjoy. I've only ever really played badminton and even though we both werent that great at it and were sooo not in the mood to run round after the balls in the heat we had a blast. Had plenty swims in the pool and lovely cruizy afternoons up at Pete and Jans house. O incase your confused they run Riverside Matakana. It has a whole bunch of privately owned but also hired out units that are like batches but really flash and fancy. Only rich people can really afford to stay there (well in peak times anyways). But they are a fantastic couple who do a lovely job on the place and it has a really wonderful atmosphere and is laid back and just sooo nice :O) They feed us extremely well up there too.

Eventually headed home and I have gone out and spent my Kmart and Witcoulls vouchers hee hee. Yesterday and today however Gareth and I have been rather sick. Got a bug which left us feeling all day like we were going to throw up and we were white like ghosts. Hopefully we will feel better soon cross ya fingers. Def dont feel as bad as yesterday but still not nice. I think I have also finally managed to learn to upload videos to my blog so will try by uploading the Kulus vid I stared in plus a song that I like and wanna share today - cross ya fingers that it works till then here are pictuers:

Mickaylah and her scooter. Kate helping her not drop it

Noah with his first gift

Mickaylah over the moon about her lego so she can play with her dad

John and Gareth in the brick frame

Mickaylah and I

Katie with her lil Noah

Anton on the deck with Noah

Me looking like a tard on the tramp. I couldnt do too many tricks for would of given everyone a bit of a show from my flowy skirt

Gareth doing a flip

Mickaylah mid jump

Noah's turn on the tramp

Kate having a jump with Mickaylah and John watching

The nummy christmas drink Pete made me. Just Malabu and Lemon Lime & Bitters but I got a lemon on the side and rudolph to decorate it

The sunset from Riverside Matakana

Beautiful colours

The last of the sunset above the units

Oooo now I shall try my first video wish me luck

This is a video clip called Zombie by my mates band Kulus. They wanted to make a video clip for it so I volenterred to give my terrible acting skills a go and have a bit of fun for it. Was filmed by UPM and a couple others and was put together by UPM (Daryl). It was heapsa fun to make and I got turned into a Zombie in the end so wore fantastic makeup and had blood dripping everywhere. The end result is pretty cool. Hope you like, and just to put a COMPLETELY different kind of song on here for you this is a song I really like

and then this one as well just cuz I can - this is my fave show and where I fall in love with so much music, it is a fan made clip but we all know it

Its a song called Down by Jason Walker :O) Make me cry. The song also featured in Vampire Diaries
And cuz I put the vidoes on here is your eye candy for today

Yup Jeffery Dean Morgan - he was kinda in the vid so I was in the mood

What a lovely smile

I think he was pretty hot as a baddie :O)
Anways till next time

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