Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Saw Avatar last night, great movie. Reminds me strongly of Fern Gully but way more vamped up and cooler. It was a fantastic movie.

Now its christmas eve and I have FINALLY finished the christmas shopping and now and 100% broke till pay day. Got my nails redone today as well so they look a bit better if not a tad longer. More money there. Ooops Gareth told me I really need to be careful with my money this year but I totally love seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they open their gifts. I seriously do its sunc a nice feeling and the kids on christmas day LOVE it to bits. All excited even if they havent got a clue what it is they have just recieved. I spend every christmas day with my family and Im usually trotting from one side of Auckland to another to visit them all. But I wouldnt want it any other way. Tomorrow we are heading over to Kate and Antons very early in the morning for Mickaylah and Noah. It will be Noah's first christmas but Mickaylah knows the drill. I cant wait to watch her face light up when she sees how many gifts she has and the excited exclamtion as she opens each gift "Oh its what I always wanted!" was her line last year. Lunch time I am heading over to my cosuin Steve and his wife Claires place for a Simpson family gathering. Zeb and Tia are over from Maui so want to spend as much time with them as possible. Will be nice seeing everyone for the afternoon there. Then around 4 heading up to Pete and Jans in Matakana for Chrissy dinner, secret santa game and staying the night up there. Lovely way to wind up the evening.
Well becuase I would like to have a read and possibly a nana nap Im going to share with you some Kiwi Chrissy pics a hottie and sign off

Kiwi Santa we love you

Pretty Pohutakawa

Click to enlarge and see the NZ Christmas Tree

Good Ol Kiwi Pav
Eye Candy for today Ian Somerhalder

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