Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update from me the slacker lol :P

So its been a while since I last updated again but then its been really busy. Ok so since last monday I have finished work and now on holiday YAY! Thursday 17th at work we had a Pot luck lunch so I took in bread rolls and made up some fun buscuits. Mellowpuffs, toped with icing, jaffas and cut up green snakes for the leaves. Arent they pretty? They went down a treat but were eceptionally sickly sweet.

Gareth's birthday was friday 18th so afterwork went down to Fox's Tavern on the waterfront and caught up with everyone for drinks and chats. All the boys got totally crunk. Gareth managed to spew up on the couch and floor which is unusal for him despite the amount of alcohol he drinks. Becuase he was so totally drunk I was the lucky one who got to clean it up. Well I actually didnt mind I wanted to make sure it got done properly and he had no stain on his carpet and you cant trust a drunk man. Turns out the next morning after speaking to the boys Paul, Keir and Gareth's Dad also all threw up. Anton wasnt too crash hot either and would of been sick had he stayed longer and drank more so thankfully he passed that one by. But all 4 of them throwing up is rather odd if you ask me. They think something suspicious but o well they enjoyed the night so thats the main thing.
Saturday morning got up really early and got myself sorted and headed up to Whangaparoroa Peninsula for my Uncle Ian's wedding. He was married round lunchtime to Zorica at a small but lovely ceremony in his back yard. Z's daughter Maria was bridesmaid and Stone was the Groom and ring bearer. I managed to get off Kate and Anton the Isle Pegs John had made for their wedding. So they had an isle. The garage was done up nicely and they had a freind chef who made their cake and cooked the BBQ.
On the day caught up with Zeb and Tia who are over for a month from Maui and chatted with Elesiha whom I havent seen in a while. Eleisha said if I popped over on monday she would dye my hair for me YAY.

Sat night went round to Shaun and Sarah's new place in Greenhithe for a BBQ. They had a mate of theirs also come over with his two boys. Night was good and later on we went down to the local park to try let off a lantern I had with no success. But had a good play in the park on the swings and so on
Shaun Swinging
Gareth and Shaun with Storm
Sarah on the swirly twirly bucket thingy
Me having a go and making myself dizzy as if I wasnt enough already
Shaun on a tracktor - Farmer Fucking Brown! lol :P

Sunday ah what did I do? Almost the last of the christmas shopping. And well think it was a really lazy day. Gareth did a whole bunch of baking for a work shout for monday. Peppermint slice, Rum Balls, Ginger Crunch and goodness yummyness. He made himself a rum ball snowman
Nom nom nom
Monday rushed round like a headless chicken in the morning then headed up to visit my Nana Margaret. Shelley headed up also and brought Dylan and Nikita with her which was really awesome for Nana. Diane and James popped in also so it was a really neat day for her. We took her for her blood test. Then she took us to a cafe for lunch and coffee which was really nice. We then popped into the supermarket to pick up her shopping that she had ordered. After that it was pretty much home time again. From there I drove over to Val and Daves place. Eleisha very nicely dyed the under parts of my hair blonde (well honey blonde) and did the roots for me. Silly me got a colour for the roots that didnt really change the colour of them so I have to go out and buy a dye to do it again duh! She also gave me a hair cut and a few tips on how to do my hair to get it more booffy or more volume. Tried it today and worked a treat. Stayed for Dinner and eventually the whole clan came home so got to say hi to Aunty Dianne who has recently come back from Oz and catch up with Zeb and Tia again. It was nice to be up there hanging out with family. I love my family so much :O) Right on dusk we ended up letting off the last remaining lantern that I had as there was no wind. It was really cool and floated pretty darn high in the air.
Eleisha held the lantern while I lit it

YAY lit and filling up with hot air

Off it goes already - rather pretty in the night sky

That is it with my camera on full zoom so I could catch it up in the sky before it went out and dissapeared

Today got woken up earlier than I entended o well. Then did a few things in the morning. Went up to work to pick up the stuff that had turned up from the couriers for me. Came home wrapped them. Put recipes into my recipe book. I grabbed Nana's tomato sauce recipe which I hope to make up this christmas to take with me to the simpson family do. Yummy. Got a couple other family recipes as well. Ah then have just relaxed this afternoon. Will do last minute xmas shopping tomorrow and head over to visit shelley.
Well picatures now:
Mixed Tapes were great fun and sooo cool!

Yup yup

Totally thats what I love

It is indeed


nice photo

Yeah Baby the fun in life!

Well aint that pretty. Think its a cyclone (edited of course) but still

Pretty pic

Mmmm that looks like a really nice coffee with some delicous brownie

I really like this photo. Really have to practise more - My Goddess I wanna do a course soo bad


Do be, life is truly fantastic

Funny thing is I was comtemplating the other day if I might want a tattoo that says Just Keep Breathing. Yes I am always wanting new tattoos. Anyways Shelley said monday that she had thought about getting Breathe as a tattoo funny we think alike so much - so of course I found pics along those lines as I do

It is indeed

Keep Breathing

Dont you just love the earth? I do and so does whoever did this

Neat artwork reminds me of my book Battle Axe, the snow, the winged people, the birds not so but they could represent the baddies
Interesting design

Rainbow Worrier chick


Saki Rouva & his famous shoot that goes round on email

Enjoy and Merry Chirstmas all

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