Monday, December 14, 2009

11 more sleeps till christmas

So few days have passed since last update but not too many. Friday night Gareth's work do was pretty nice. We went up to his office after work for nibbles and then eventually everyone made our way down to Y-Not on Princes Wharf. Had a nummy chicken salad meal and lime sorbet for dessert. Spent the night chatting with Sarah. Funniest thing was the toilets - I know crazy entertaining right? Anyways go behind this wall & you have your male & female doors so go through my one. K so the door directly in front of me was engaged, went to go to the one on the right but was informed by an employee who was in the hall closet there that the lights were not working in that one and they were all individual loos. So I thought ok sweet as I'll go to the door on the right, pushed open the door and there was a guy taking a piss I got freaked I was like woah woops Im sure Im in the chicks entrance wtf?!?! Turned around to see two doors behind me. The freaking male & female doors lead into a hallway with 3 doors for the loos no knowing that they are ajoined. Turns out I wasnt the only one to do that and it was pretty much the most entertaining things of the night hee hee o well it was just nice to be there.

Saturday cant really remember what I did. Oh yeah I went to St Lukes and printed out 2 photos from The Labyrinth for Nikki and got a frame for them for her birthday gift. That was pretty much that part of the day as there was so much traffic and people it was pretty crazy. In the afternoon Gareth and I drove out to Sylvia Park Mega Strike Zone or something like that to catch up with the others and play a game of Lazer Strike! It was pretty wicked, neon lights, 3 levels, I destroyed 2 bases at 2000 a point! I rock! It was pretty cool but bliming hot in there. Ian totally slaughtered everyone and helped our team win hands down. Yeehar! Helps when you have someone who as a younger kid used to play in like a team thing. It was heapsa fun though.
Then headed round to Nikki and Paul's for BBQ and chatted to Duane and Daryl in Canada on Skype. Was really awesome to chat to them. Daryl had put up his lil stick figures of them and the boys were having fun. We were half hour late to jump online to chat with them but spoke to them for a good 2 hours. Awesome. Later that night Nikki and I got out her christmas cookies and I made 3 different colours of icing and we iced them all and put the silver ball things all over em. They were pretty. Haa haa it was really funny icing cookies at 11pm at night. I kept dropping the silver balls on nikkis floor. The boys were drunk at this stage so were asking for icing. I gave Gareth, Paul & Nick smiley face cookies which they enjoyed.

Sunday well nothing really happened. Watched Zombieland. I had a sleep then when it got dark went over to Ponsonby and laid down on the bean bags to look under the massive telecom christmas tree in Williamson Park or whatever its called it was really cool. Here's all me photos:

Merry Christmas - photo taken in Hahei Dec 09

Ahh summer - sand and jandals

Upper Queen Street with all the Pohutakawa all in full bloom. They pretty much blossomed overnight on 2nd Dec and have lasted till now 14th. All the red is fading now and the trees are malting but it was really pretty to see the streets lined like this :O)

Here are the christmas cookies all iced and decorated by Nikki & I


Paul about to enjoy a mouthful of all 3 of the colours of icing

Nikki and I so proud of our work :O)

The Strawberries dipped in chocolate mmmmmmm yum

and again - look at that big mother trucker in the middle!

The Telecom Christmas Tree

Pretty colours

You lay down on the beanbags and look up under the tree at all the lights Im sure I laid there for 2hours just watching all the lights change it was so pretty

There are even phone booths where you can go in and call santa and your wish goes up the christmas tree its sooo cool for Kids. You know Telecom can be pretty annoying but they are big on community spirit lately which is really awesome and lets face it they have the money to entertain us. What other time would you really lay down under a christmas tree and talk to strangers next to you?

Pretty Pretty - heaidng down again on tuesday night.

Poetry by Me! Now dont laught this was all stuff I wrote from about 13-18 so some of it might be a bit retarded and not really make any sence but they mean alot to me so there!
This one was actually written when my Nana Pam was still alive. I got to read it to her before she passed. Its kinda sad obviously it was written while I stayed with her and family in the last two weeks before she passed. It was also put into her funeral hand out thingy

To Nana Pam
We only have this moment,
Hold me close before you go.
Hearing your death is near,
Makes my heart ache so.

I'll send you all my love,
I'll write to you from the heart,
And I'll think about you constantly,
The days that you're away.

I will never forget you,
I'll be loving you forever,
And waiting here impatiently,
For the day when we're together

Rianna - October 1997
Oh it made me really sad just writing it down. Ok so this next one is one that I wrote and what inspired it was really mum. Just being a kid and learning from their parents. Obviously its about everything in being a kid what you learn from parents, the good and the bad. Nothing fantastic but I like it

This Is My Life

Bind my soul
Carve my life,
Etch out a pathway
For my feet to follow.
Wrap my heart
In different emotions,
Show my mind
Toture and happiness,
Love and Pain.
Teach me to crawl,
Teach me to walk,
Uncover experiences
Both kind and unkind.
Reveal the truth
Hidden for so long,
Blind me from things,
That my eyes should not see.
Teach me what
You have been taught,
Flourish my interests,
Work my senses.
Tend to my weaknesses,
Make me remember
The important rules.
For this is me
And this is my life.

Rianna - 10/06/2001

This next one I wrote simply becuase the words "At the still Point" stuck in my head and I just wrote from there

Still Point

At the still point
There is a dance
Between Life and Death
Where past and future
Are gathered to watch
The alluring movements
In the air
Upon the water
Across the earth
Through the fire.
The magnificent displays
Before untamed eyes
Have them fixated
Unable to turn
The truth and lies
The fantasy and the real
The good and evil
The happy and the sad
Fly around
Like shooting stars
They pik the fruit
And feed the world
The crowd roars with cheers
And the now enters
And the excitment subsides
And then again today

Rianna 07/08/2001

Hmm I dunno I just wrote what flowed from my pen kinda intersting though dont ya think? My put in more later but they are kinda embarrassing. Ok so now I'll put up some pics for ya :O)

This is from the book I am writing. I changed the locket to the above necklace. Its Seraphinite. I made the change to this as it makes more sense to the story. Its really pretty too. Also here is now a pic of the necklace :O)

This is the Toyota Prado 4x4 from the story

And its tan interior

Just a pic I found I like

This is pretty awesome photography


Pretty cameo ring

Neat bird music art

Yeehar! She has a Crow Tattoo from The Crow yay fun!

Love the colouring in this photo. Aww cute puppy running on the beach

Thats a pretty intense sheep

Awesome photograhy

dunno just liked it

And now todays Hottie. Taylor Launter all wet! Yes the 17yr old so many woman find yummy yum yum. Its from some mag shoot he did I dunno which one he does so many


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