Friday, December 11, 2009

I wish it were winter so we could freeze it into ice blocks and skate on it and melt it in the spring time and drink it!

Beerfest is a great movie so I thought I would share the line with you all.

As it turns out its kinda hard to update this thing daily at the moment. I'm not always in the mood. Sometimes I would rather read, or go for a walk at lunch now that its finally summer here. So it will now be a just when I get the chance to update blog. Will try at least to do it more than once a week but I am not making promises as they are so easily broken. The other thing about doing updates daily is there isnt alot to tell you all about and although I am sure some of you would be happy with that some of you might not be. So this way you get a bit.

Ooo Julia you havent told me what you thought of my book by the way lol :P

Right so what has happened since tuesday. Well Tuesday night went to Canton in Kingsland for dinner with the O'Brien Clan and Friends. Was really nice to catch with everyone. I got to meet John's new partner. Kelly the lady who owns the resturant told us the story of the year for her, that monday night she had a weird guy come in looking for a table, he kept changing how many people were going to be there and what table they wanted to sit at. They ended up picking one far away from the window on street side and sat down to order. The whole time Kelly was looking at the lady who had sat down thinking she looks so familiar I wonder where I have seen her. She got her young niece to come down from upstairs to check the lady out. Turns out it was Tyra Banks! Kelly being Kelly asked Tyra why she had come to her resurant, becuase although the food is spectacular there its not exactly the flashest place in town. Tyra replied that it was online or in the phonebook. So they decided to go along. Apparently Kelly has her signature up on the wall now hee hee.

Wednesday was uneventful. Gareth went over to Kate and Antons to try sort out their internet that isnt working but didnt really have much luck. Thurs night Lany came over and grabbed the photos from Hahei off my pc and hung out for a bit. My uncle Ian is getting married on the 19th Dec now so will be up there for that. Tonight is Gareth's christmas work do. Then tomorrow is Nikki's birthday, fun at Laser Strike and then a BBQ round at theirs. Round 8pm we are going to jump online and Skype Duane and Daryl in Canada and say hello to them both. Will be awesome to have everyone round to have a chat with them and especially seeing as its chrissy time. Can't wait to say hi to both of them. Its nice to keep up with them on facebook and Daryls Blog but will be nice to have everyone round and have a nice proper chat with them :O)

Ahh thats really all for now. I gunna put up some pictures and a whole bunch of hotties for you all

I want

I want both :)

Flight of the Concords wish us merry christmas lol

I love music

Yes please I'll have those there

For the Twi-Haters that might look at my blog - also I couldnt help but laugh

Pretty pic

Kiwi Xmas 1

Kiwi Xmas 2

Well I only want Gerard, Hugh, Robert, Edward and Jeffery you can have the others

Sam Worthington

Zachary Quinto

Alexander Skarsgard

Pwoar! Move over Taylor gimme Kellan Lutz any day - plus he's not 17 lol :P

Jackson Rathborne

And becuase my Dad complained my blog was a bit girlie

Da's fave Welsh Beauty Cathrine Zita Jones

From a movie I love her in Zorro

Chyler Leigh

Chyler plays Lexi Grey in Grey's Antomy oooo season 5 is out soon on dvd!!!

Kate Walsh who played Addison on Grey's and now has is in the spin off show Private Practice

Absolutely Stunning Kate

Hillary Swank
and now a funny


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