Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hahei - Floods and Bright Bright Sun

Hi all, sorry it has been so long since I have written on my blog. I have been away on annual leave since Thursday arvo. Did our annual trip down to Hahei. We arrived to be greeted by a one in 20yr storm. We sat in the tent all nice and dry playing card games and drinking inside the tent for the first two nights. The rain would not stop. Paul and Joe ended up having a swim in the ocean for a very short time. Eventually the Saturday after waking up the sun came out. But not before poor Alana and her partner Joe got saturated in their lil tent, and were kept up half the night. They tried their best to leave a 6am but we later found out were stuck on the peninsula as the rain had caused serious flooding. They came back around lunch time as they were unable to sleep and thought they might try to enjoy the day. Mike & Laura turned up on the sat along with my sister Alannah, Keryna & her partner Jeff. So we had a good lil turn out. The afternoon was exceptionally sunny. Gareth & Paul introduced Keir and Jeff to this game bombarment they had invented. The girls relaxed and chatted in the sun only to get sun burnt. Opps. I got it bad. O dear. That night we went down to the beach let off fireworks and eventually sat around a gas heater (fires were banned) and watched the night sky for sattelites and shooting stars. I saw 4 shooting stars the others caught about 3 or 4 as well some were the same some where different to what I saw. There were various sattilites across the night sky and it was simply soul satisfying to sit around with your closest friends on a beach under the stars. I LOVED IT!
Sunday was more sun and games. We left around 12 however and made our way to the Pink Pig for a late lunch. Love that place we go there every year after Hahei. Then continued on home. Monday was a day off. It was spent cleaning, doing washing and putting stuff away. I headed to Westgate to buy Christmas Gifts and caught up with my cuz Shelley. I was a lil in spaced out zone all this weekend as my brian seemed to have shut down and put itself into holiday mode. I guess I just wanted to sleep more??? O well I am happy for the holiday and getting to see shellz after.
Cuz Im kinda not in the mood to type anymore I'll upload photos:

Gareth's 8.35am Beer



Fireworks on the beach

Fireworks on the beach

Nikki, Lany & I


Paul & Joe after an icy swim

Nikki in the icy water - the original shot

Daryl's Handywork on my photo of Nikki

Nikki safe and sound and enjoying Mountian Dew in the scroching sun

My Ginga Ninja

Hahei in the sun

Hahei Beach brings out the sun for us

Nikki & I both a bit pink

The cutest lil chick that was about 2cm high

More Hahei sun

Flooding in the coromandel

More flooding with gits trying to drive through it

At the Pink Pig

Absolutely stunning old villa - I love it!

Birds in flight

Seth McFarlane

Cool Motif


8 Years Later

I woke up from this dream and could still smell him in the air. I rolled over in my bed and squinted at the clock. My eyes took a few seconds to focus but I eventually made out the red numbers glaring at me. 5.47am. My alarm was due to go off at 6, may as well get out of bed and get ready for school. It was my birthday today so that would explain the dream. I always dreamt about the night I killed Rod in the night before my birthday as it was on my birthday that he died. I swung my feet to the floor and forced myself up and out of the warmth of my bed. I wobbled in my morning haze to the bathroom down the hall and turned the tap for the shower. I put my arm under the water to test the heat and climbed in under the warmth that hit me. It was beautiful and started clearing my mind and waking me up. While I was in there cleaning I thought about the force field thing that had manifested and protected me when I was little. I had only had one kind of showing of the power since then. I can still remember the tingle rush through me and see its silvery blocks sparkle and click together around me. I could see it swell out and connect with Rod’s arm, watched it shudder its way along the length of it till it connected with his body

“Astra!” yelled my foster mother from outside the bathroom door, I jumped at the sound coming out of my thoughts “I know it’s your birthday honey and there is no problem with pampering yourself but you’re gunna run us out of hot water and I haven’t even showered yet”

“Sorry mum, I’m getting out now k?” I yelled back as I turned off the taps so she could hear me

“Thanks sweetie and Happy Birthday Hun. Hurry up and get yourself dressed and down here we wanna give you something before you go to school”.

“Ok will do” I dried off and dressed and wondered downstairs into the kitchen. My foster Dad was sitting at the kitchen bench and looked up as I walked in. He got up and came over to give me a big hug and kiss on the forehead “Happy Birthday Princess, 18 already wow I can hardly believe it! My little girl is a young woman!” I pulled away smiling “Thanks Dad”

The Crawford’s and I had become intensely close since they took me into their home after the ‘incident’ with my real father. I had in them the kind of family I had always dreamed of as a little girl. Eric my ‘father’ worked for a law firm in town and Sara my ‘mother’ was a school teacher down at the local primary school. They also had a 5 year old boy Zachary since I had been around. I was worried at first that their love and affection for me would wane but it didn’t change, I worried as originally they weren’t able to have any children of their own. Just over 5 years ago when I had the second display of this strange power I still remember one evening sitting on the couch together with Sara. I was resting my head on her belly as I laid stretched out on the couch watching a movie. It was a movie where the lady couldn’t have babies just like Sara, I gave her a big tight hug wishing that she would have a child and told her that I loved her. When I pulled away to get up I noticed a tingling spark feel in my cheek. I looked down to see a little curl of what looked like electricity circle on Sara’s belly and disappear. 3 months later she and Eric sat me down to tell me Sara was pregnant. 9 months later Zachary was born. I recalled the look of the electricity was just like the day my father died, and I wondered if I had had anything to do with the pregnancy.

Zachary came rushing into the room and ran up to me. He put out his arms as he got near and collided into me with the force of his run knocking me back a little “Happy Birthday big Sister” He said looking up at me. I looked back down at him “Thanks heaps little man! Ooo not long to your birthday now is it? How old are you going to be on your birthday?” I asked “Five!” He yelled in excitement at me as he forced his palm up into my face with all 5 of his fingers splayed and facing me. “Wow 5 years old, how cool is that? I bet you can’t wait for school”

“Nope, I want it to be today too and I can go to school with you!” he exclaimed. “Well you only have to wait 6 more days!” I told him. “Where’s your presents Astra? Can I open them with you?” he asked full of hope. “I haven’t got any yet my little man” I replied.

“After breakfast Zach, come on up at the bench” Sara told him. We had a delicious breakfast and Sara left the room and came back with a few small wrapped gifts. She handed over one of the small items and I unwrapped it with Zach’s help. Inside was a small blue velvet jewellery box. Wow I thought as I opened the lid. Inside was a rose gold oval shaped locket with smooth edges. It had two little flowers on the front with filigree designs around them. I picked it up and saw how thick it was, it was a double locket. The back of the locket had a shield on it and leaf designs around it. I opened it up. In the front locket there were two pictures. One of a beautiful lady wearing a feathered fascinator, a black top and fur coat. In the opposite frame was only a headshot of a man but he had the widest grin on his face. The other two frames in the back locket were empty. “It’s beautiful, thank you so much I love it!” I put it on, the chain was just the right length and it hung just below my collar bone. It quickly warmed on my skin and felt right at home.

Sara smiled at me “It was your mothers, your real mothers I mean. If you pull up the bit in the jewellery box where the locket was sitting you will see some papers. One tells you the history of the locket. And the other is a lover letter to your great great Grandmother Pamella from her husband Bill. He gave it to her when they were still courting on her 18th birthday. It is them in the photos. The history paper tells how it has been handed down over the years to your great grandmother, your grandmother, your mother and now you. All given as a gift on the 18th birthdays. Its beautiful isn’t it?”


Kellan Lutz Yummy thats for sure :P

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