Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Silly Season has begun

So Christmas came to Logistics. Joanne and I put up Christmas decorations yesterday and made our room alot more christmas fantastic. Here are the pics of my room:

Pretty aye? It makes us smile
Last night was really nice, my cousin Min popped over very briefly from Australia and we caught up. Went into Devenport and ordered some chinese then walked down to the waterfront to sit on a park bench and chat. The evening was very nice, rather warm but it wasnt raining and was so peaceful to sit watching the waves come in. We took a bunch of silly face photos but will have to upload those tomorrow as I forgot my camer cable. Chatted about all sorts and othing in general. Although I was a bit tired it was a lovely peaceful evening.
Today have been covering reception. Donna and Melissa put up the christmas tree and decorations. Its really fun to have the decorations up. Got taken out to lunch by our Manager Daryl at a nice cafe across the road. Had a yummy meal and chatted.
Have all my christmas cards ready to send but I have to wait till I have a bit of cash to send them out. Im pretty broke for the remainder of the month and I need all my cash for Hahei. We drive down tomorrow afternoon. I really hope the weather picks itself up by the time we get there so far its been the worst weather we have had on the week leading up to the trip. Anyways thats all for now will entertain you all with picutres now:
These are photos from an email i got of people who go out to weigh and check the health and so on of bears that are hibinating. Its soooo cute to see the lil sleeping bear cubs - click to enlarge the pics

Mummy and her bubbies all fast asleep and having their photo taken - yes mum is asleep

Oh my goodness isnt this the most adorable pic ever. Awww I want one even though it would kill me when it grew up they are sooo luffable

I hope those pictures put a smile to your face :O)
Finally here is the scanned photos I have of my dolphin adventure and sky walk

Rianna and Noah - I had to be told to look at the camera. I was in so much awe over the beautiful mammal in front of me that I had to be told to pay attention for my photo. Isnt he beautiful?

Rianna on her Skywalk around the top of the sky tower. Look ma no hands! Stunning weather we had

Gareth and Rianna on the sky tower

The group we walked round the outside of the sky tower with - it was amazing! Thank you gareth, was his 2yr anniversary gift to me & him of course
And today's Eye Candy

Jack Huston - this is Angelica Huston's son. He reminds me terribly of Johnny Depp. From what I have seen he seems like a pretty amazing actor as well

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  1. oh man those pics of the office make me soo happy/sad