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movies on the brain & a surprise

Last coupla days have really been filled with nothing pretty much. Work, rest, laze at home, chores, photograph stuff in my storage unit and visit my mum with the sister sunday arvo so even though I havent written here since thursday you havent really missed much.

New Moon was a fantastic movie. I loved it I dont care what anyone else says. It was great. And yes the cinema sighed and drolled when Taylor took off his shirt. Gareth even enjoyed the movie although he whispered to me that "that Edward dude looks like he's going to throw up all the time" I had to laugh. We both thought the graphics on the warewolves were great. Gareth loved how Large they were. It was so nice to relax in Gold Class with the feet up and get waited on as well.

Also finally after waiting 2 years for it to freaking come out The Time Travellers Wife airs here 3rd December. The ads have been driving me insane as I am desperate to see it. I guess only becuase it was supposed to be out 2 years ago and got delayed. Where the Wild Things Are and Zombieland also starts on the 3rd. As far as I can remember The Lovely Bones starts 3rd as well. Oh no boxing day I think. But again my more anticipated movie is Avatar: The Last Airbender which isnt due out till next year sometime (if we're lucky). I went hunting on the net to find movie pics and found a couple to share with you:

Who they play from the cartoon

The Bending in action

Set Photo

Set Photo 2 - but this can be seen in the first glimpse trailer

Set Photo 3 - Water Nation

Set Photos

Movie Teaser Poster
I think I am going to have to watch the cartoons again. They are so wicked. Those are the best pics I've been able to find.


This time when he hit her something unexpected happened. It forced him to the floor and he let out a low grunt from the impact. “What the hell was that?” he yelled. She had no idea herself but had felt it jolt through her like electricity. “I don’t know” was all she managed to get out quietly before he scrambled to his feet to throw another punch.

Again it happened but this time when she watched his arm come toward her body she felt her body spring into action on its own. She felt a buzzing just like the sparks of electricity start to race rapidly all over her body and then she saw it all in the instant his arm was flying towards her she saw flashes and sparks of light emanate off her and form a force field around her. It built up around her so quickly but she saw it all lace together and strengthen. What she hadn’t realised the first time when this had happened was that this force field was not only a barrier of protection but it acted as if it were alive. Rod’s fist finally came into contact with this force field and it swelled up in the area his fist was, it expanded out and forced back at him almost like throwing its own punch. The force back was so powerful it again lifted Rod from the floor and threw him across the room with intense speed into the concrete wall behind him. She watched as his body connected and the force of it flung his head back into the wall hard. He fell to the floor with a sickening thud. Blood poured out of the crack in the back of his head.

She was still crouched in the corner with her arms up near to her head to protect her face from the blows that weren’t connecting. She felt the tingling of the energy dissipate and was grateful for it scared her. She was still in so much shock and she couldn’t cry, couldn’t move, she couldn’t think of anything more than ‘what just happened?”

After a few minutes she picked herself up and started stumbling her way over to Rod’s body. Thoughts slowly starting to swim around in her head a little more clearly. She was shaking and cold and very scared. She got to his body and stood over it. The smell of blood wafted up to her and she scrunched her nose at it thinking someone else’s blood smelled very different to what she was used to. Her brain started functioning again and she focused properly on his body. It wasn’t good, she could tell. His chest wasn’t rising and falling. Would it do that if someone was bleeding from the head? She didn’t know the answers to these things yet, she was far too young, she was only 10 years old. But you get an instinctive feeling when you know what you’re seeing isn’t right and she knew Rod was dead.

When it clicked into place she let out a scream high and fierce and full of fright. Tears started rolling down her face rapidly and her whole body shook with terror and confusion mingled with joy. Rod was dead, he could no longer hit her till she bled, bruised and broke. He could no longer touch her in places she didn’t want to be touched. He could no longer yell at her so long and hard that his voice would go all rasp from it. But at the same time this was her father lying there no longer breathing. The one that had sheltered her in his home as miserable as it was here. The one who when her mother was still alive smiled at her one time after she made a heart card with the words ‘I love Daddy “ written across it then picked her up, kissed her on the forehead and walked into the room where her mother was laying in bed sick and showed it off.

She cried a long long time. When she had finally calmed down enough although she was still hiccupping and trembling she tried to figure out what to do next. She had always been taught to call the police in bad situations. She walked over to where the phone on the wall was, picked it up and dialed 111.

The Police had come and cleaned up the mess, taken lots of photos and done various things she hadn’t understood. They had asked her lots of questions trying to figure out what had happened. Something in her gut told her it wasn’t a good idea to let them know what had really happened so she told them Rod was fixing a leak in the high ceilings and fell backward off scaffolding hitting his head on the way down. Luckily it was exactly what Rod had been doing before she gave him the wrong thing and he had come down all full of rage to start yelling and hitting her. They were happy with the description of Rod hitting his head in a very unfortunate way and that was that for her.

Officer Albright was the policeman assigned to her and he had gone away to get her a hot chocolate. He come back with two steaming drinks to lean in the door of the ambulance and chat to her. He was still wanting to clear some things up for his own niggling thoughts. “Did you see your father fall from the scaffolding Astra?” He looked like a kinda man and he smiled at her while waiting to see what she would say. Astra shook her head and a shiver ran down her spine. She looked up at him and studied his face. He had a square jaw line with olive skin and a bit of stubble over his chin, cheeks and upper lip. He had pale blue aged eyes that looked like they were trying to read her mind and she had noticed he got crinkles on either side of those eyes when he smiled or frowned. His hair was a wavy light brown speckled with silver. “Are you ok sweetie? You look a little bruised as well as shaken up” Astra’s eyes quickly lowered and she tried to look at all the hairs on her fingers. “Did your Daddy ever hit you sweetie?” Officer Albright asked looking at some strange bruises on the girl. Astra rested her eyes this time on his stomach. It was only slightly protruding over the top of the pants. She sighed and decided she should talk to this man “Yes” she replied and her voice came out all croaky, it was enough to set the water works off again and he was in the ambulance next to her in a flash. His arms went around her shoulders and he pulled her close whispering her to shhh it will all be aright while her body shook with grief. She had a moment of calm in the back of that ambulance. While she was breathing in deeply between the sobs of stopping crying she inhaled the officer his aftershave and coffee breath engulfed her, he was rocking her and she fell asleep. That’s the last she remembered of him.


And because I should get back to work here is todays hottie pic

Wait thats 3 hotties hee hee. Its the great debate. Which Vampire is the greatest/hottest? I could not answer. Just gimme Bill, Edward and Stefan anyday please

The Humans those Vampires are in love with Sookie, Bella and Elena

And the Battle of the Blood Suckers

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