Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting there

So there has still been moments like this morning where I have just burst into tears but then its still very fresh. The Funeral is this tuesday.Gareth has been fantastic supporting me. Last night he made me a nice drink and set out the stuff for us to have mini pizzas for dinner. I slept 2 hours last nihgt from being up at hospital late and prob also from all the crying.

Went to Dressmart today with Nikki and had fun going round and looking in all the shops. I had no idea how big that place was, we didnt get round the whole thing as it shut on us hee hee. I brought with some vouchers G got me for Chrissy a new handbag and boardshorts. It was a nice day

I have so far lost .8 of a kg. It didnt really work to be the healthy week I planned for as we took Stone out for dinner at BK one night and I had an icecream friday to cheer me up. Plus the planned walks I were meant to have never occured as I was at the hospital. I pretty much ate really well otherwise. Avacado on my toast in the morning for brekky is sooo yummy. So going to start properly again tomorrow.

I havent yet got any photos to share with you they are all on the other pc that was set up for me. So will do that really soon. However I can provide you with some cool pics & vids and the usual eye candy

dunno just like it

funny cute pic

what a neat tattoo

pretty tattoo

I quite like this

I think this is an album cover?

Music IS in my soul
Here is a vid from You tube I thought you might find cool, below is Sour by some wicked band that made their video clip from the cameras on diff peoples pcs and interacted with each clip. Its really cool

And just becuase I always put pretty music up here I thought I would share you some tastes in other music I have:

Lady Ga Ga is pretty amazing I totally love all her music and yes I am a fan of her weird dress sense its the arty farty in me

Elvis live performing Suspicious Minds - see if you can spot his naughty lyric ad in lol :P Elvis is my fave classic performer ever!

Tool I have to admit these guys are my ultimate fave band. I have alot of songs that I completely love and there are plenty of bands and solo artists out there but these guys just get to the core of my soul and sing to it. Im a rock girl all the way but more so I love the lyrics and the rhythm/meleody of a song. I have seen Tool live about 3 times and I have even had the luck of meeting them. Maynard was totally silent and moves rather slow but was good enough to sign something for my mate Brad. An "M". Yup. Adam and Justin were prett cool as well didnt really stop to chat wiht us much but were nice enough to say hello and sign things. Well Adam was actually hard to get to we think he was wearing a sumbero but I am pretty sure Brad had a chat with him and got his signature. Danny was pretty darn awesome, we chatted to him for quite some time and he is really nice. He looks like he would be a surfer. Anyways thats all I can remember from a few years back now.

Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac, a slightly diff version to thats on the cd's but you get the drift, I like it cuz its longer. For those of you who may not know this is where my Mum and Dad got my name from. Although they though Stevie was singing Rianna so thats why I got this name, but I love it because it is all the more original. Dad also liked it becuase it was a Welsh name and his family hereitage is Welsh. It is probably also why I am intersted in Wicca

I think that might just about be enough video clips for one blog update but you get a little bit more insight into the other music I like. Gareth showed me something really cool on the internet a while back and I thought I would share the link with you:
What you do with this site is click your mouse on any of the squares on the box and then listen. The site says:
Simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16step sequencer. Each triggered step causes a force on the underlaying wave-map, which makes it more cute. Based on the AudioTool engine thus no sources, I am sorry. Press SPACE key to clear. Right-Click for Copy&Paste.
It is soooo much fun I can hardly stop playing with it when I jump on

Anways here now is my Eye Candy for the day:

Eric Winter - saw him in The Ugly Truth the other night

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