Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today was Uncle Ians funeral. Turned up at the house and said farewells as there was an open casket. And was able to write a nice farewell message on the casket. Eventually we headed down to the Funeral Home and everyone slowly turned up. Gave my lil cuz Stone lotsa hugs as he was having big cries. More people got to say their farewells to Uncle Ian in a side room and write on his casket before the funeral commenced. I was pallbearer walking up the isle with him and even Stone helped out. Lany, Mum, Dave, Kenny and Aunty Val were also Pall Bearers. We all said some nice things and said some fond memories of him. Zorica got up and spoke telling him she missed him but couldnt speak too much as it was a little hard for her. I got up and said a few words about Luke his beloved dog, fishing with him and that I'll miss him. Really wish I was brave engouh to sing him Angel Standing By - By Jewel. But I sung it to him at the hospital when he had just passed so I think that was enough. Plus I would of probably cried lots while singing. So that wouldnt of helped. Stone, Gracie and Kenny all got up to sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus as they felt the lyrics fit really well. It was a really nice song to sing and soo cute to have them up there singing.

That's a song Im always gunna like now. I mean it was a nice song before but now its special. There was also Where Do The Children Play by Cat Stevens, Goodbye My lover by James Blunt and Everybody Hurts by REM. Afterwards we all went round to Ian and Z's place and ate till our stomachs hurt and chatted to everyone.
Today I am at home with Stone trying to keep his mind off things. He has been playing playstation and we are playing Miley Cyrus and Linkin Park for him. He is eating yummy food and relaxing in general. If the weather gets better we will be going to Piha with Zeb, Tia and Eleisha and try have a good time there for the day. Also hoping to take him up to my work and show him what it looks like where I work.
Well thats all I have for now I think I can share some pictures:

Ian and Z. Ian in healthier times

Stone, Ian and Z on the Wedding Day 19th Dec 2009

Stone, Ian, Z and Maria


Taylor yummy

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