Monday, January 18, 2010

And The Beat Goes On

So what a busy week I have had. Funeral, time with my lil cuz Stone the next day. Work till 7pm 2 nights, Big Day Out, Wedding and a 30th. Little miss popular this week.

So BDO was awesome! Got there a bit later than intended but was sweet as otherwise. Saw Eskimoe Joe upon turn up, and throughout the day ended up catching Minuit, Concord Dawn, Powder Finger, Dizzee Rascal, Lily Allen, Groove Armada, Kasabian, Kora, listened to Lily World while doing rides and a couple of DJ's in The Silent Disco. Extremely enjoyed the silent disco with DJ's OD & Steven Guts who were both wicked as. Minuit were great. Dizzee managed to get almost the whole 45,000 people who turned up to watch his gig and he was great! Far out amazing watching the crowd all go wild for him was unreal. Here see:

After Dizzee was the V Pocket Rocket. WOW what a noise that thing made but it was pretty wicked. Trying to find video.......oooo found it here you go, I was down in amoungst the crowd and saw the whole thing as he flew from one side of the main stages across and behind the other side of the main stages


So that was pretty wicked the whole day was amazing really totally enjoyed it. The rides were fun stuff as well. So after dropping the sister home and crashing for the night tried my best to relax most of saturday. Then in arvo went up to work to pick up Julia whom I havent seen since she left work so that was wicked and headed up to Libby and Adrian's wedding at Markovina Winery in Kemeu. Which was such a beautiful venue. Libby looked stunning and the wedding was really sweet. They did a thing where both sets of parents gave them away up the front and that they all held hands in a circle of friends type thing and blessed the union which was lovely. Caught up with work mates and finally met Liam Liddells lil bubby Jessica, who was soooo adorable. Julia took plenty of photos and worked very long and hard to put it together in this really cool video slideshow to one of the songs from the wedding, yay go Julia its beautiful!:

So after that crashed early on saturday night. Sunday was pretty much a day of getting music and programmes ready for the computer swap finally. I also made a bunch of MP3 music cd's for the car. Oh yeah and my blimmin 1TB HDD thats my back up everything - completely and utterly deaded! :o( Major broken heart. However I was told on thursday that becuase its not even making a sound when it spins up its more than likely that its just a cicuit board thats fried on the drive which means I should not only be able to salvage my information but still have the drive as well. Cross ya fingers for me that thats what it is and in the mean time I will save the $70 to send it to Digital Recovery for them to test and look at it to see if anything can be salvaged. After that its save like $300 to $500 to get the darn thing replaced, I have to figure out if whats on there is that important or not. Truly it is but thats alota cash for lil broke me. Sunday night popped down to Corner Bar in town for Ollie's 30th. He had Kava for people to try and a really nice punch. It was quite nice to just sit down and realx and do nothing in the breeze as its been so muggy and hot lately. Had nice chats with Ollie and work mate Chris and his partner. Was only there for 2hrs as I was kind of falling asleep. But it was nice to just be there for him. Today have purchased Roswell Season 2 & 3 and have managed to get a head cold :o( No fair, picked up some Coldrex Night and Day tablets so hopefully will improve over next few days as already feel like shite. Booked car in for warrant today and it failed on a broken indicator light, loose front passanger seat belt and needs the headlights cleaned. So nothing too major thankfully. I was a little worried that it was going to fail crap loads of stuff but Toyotas I REALLY love those cars they go forever!!!!! Oh my god I am soooo full, had 2 hamburgers for dinner what a piggie. Lunch today had caminbert cheese, with basil and cashew pesto on crackers. Milk overload. I think I have finally come to the point where its just enough and I have to just go without and never put high milk products like that into my body ever again. I tried to just keep it little bits occassionally but narp no more. In cooking is ok, but cheese, chocolate, icecream. No more for me :O(

K so a song I am totally addicted to right now is Miike Snow's Black and Blue video clip is rather cute:

How long has it been? Shall we get into it again?...... mmmmm Music!
Here's some pix Ive taken over the last few days. Well all bar one are on the walk back from Ollie's birthday do:

Stone on the jumping thing in the mall on Wednesday. It made him smile so much

Blurry sorry but it looked pretty and red this is from Queen Street

Town Hall looked pretty

Its kinda cool being blurry but it was just a neat water feature opposite Town Hall

Fairy Lights in a resturant

This is in the Window of an art shop by home

Sorry for blurry still trying to work out the camera and settings

This reminds me of the Miike Snow symbol only its a rabbit with Stag Horns

Mwah seat and platic comfort seat

This is in another art shop also close by


I loved the shadows


mmm drool over Zachery Qunito, he looks sooo smart and delicious

i remember doing stuff like that

I may of already put this one up but meh its all I got here and I have to tidy the kitchen now
So hope you enjoyed my update