Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We have reached Tuesday 10 Nov 09

Well today started off lovely and sunny and bright and now its overcast, grey and cold. Gareth is away for the next 3 days and I get the house to myself which will be rather nice again. My little sisters birthday is tomorrow and thurs night heading round to her place to have a birthday dinner at hers. Funny thing is I will be getting my birthday present that night as well lol! It has taken 5 weeks to arrive so I am looking forward to receiving it. Friday night is awards night and sat is Lany's birthday bbq/party. First time she has had one in AAAAAGGGGGEEEEEESSSSS! Shall be really nice.
I've bloody well got 2 ulcers in my mouth and they are hurting. Plus all my teeth are giving me hell - well the ones that need fillings and root canals finished. I totally know I should go get work done on them but they are like $1500 per tooth and who the fuck has $1500 spare to use on fixing teeth - I should fork it out as I really only get one set but I don’t wanna. I would rather make my first trip to Philippians or something and go there and get my teeth worked on for $100 a tooth, WAAAY Cheaper. Meh one day at the moment its not pain I cant handle.
Here is a fugly pic of me today as I thought it was about time I put a pic a day (or whenever I get the chance) up again:

Here are some pictures I have found on the net that I think look pretty. I am forever copying pics from the net and I decided that its about time I share them with you all so here you go some pretty things :O)

the description with this one was 1895 antique bronze etruscan

Wow how neat is that neckalce its a water pail with beads of water coming out of it. I want one. The flower one below just gives everything a splash of colour its very nice also

I love Crows and art with birds in it. I though this necklace was stunning. Plain but stunning. I was watching the latest Vampire Diaries ep last night and Candice Accola had a tattoo sorta like one this on her wrist. Although I think it was more of a swallow. It looked very dainty and feminine. Apparently in searching for the photo of it on the net Sienna Millar has the same one. Its pretty :) Im not a fan of those Sparrow ones that look like you've been in prison or something though. Dunno why think its cuz sooo many people have them

Here is Sienna Millars tattoo, mind you I suppose this is rather swallow like isnt it? O well. This is the one that I swear is on that Candice chick.

A locket I just thought was neat

I would really love to own something like this

Just like it

Johnny Depp and also he is one of my fave actors.

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