Monday, November 9, 2009

Bell Girl

Well I completely and utterly forgot to update my blog yesterday, not that it matters too much I was busy cleaning and taking photos of belongings in storage all day so I never did anything intersting enough to put up onto a blog. Its not like I ever have anything overly intersting to write about anyways I just enjoy rambling on for the sake of it.
So today we had the Qantas Call Centre open on level 5 by John Key. I was lucky enough (yeah right) to be the person who pressed the buttons on the lifts and let him up to level 5. Was down there an hour. Well it wasnt that boring I saw alot of people up to the level and there was news crew - which was kinda cool as I havent really seen that sorta thing in ages. They were all so young in their twenties but hey they doing well for themselves. Closest I got to John Key was him passing me as I held the lift open for him, his body guards, Stuart Stitt (from our company), Rod Vaudry (owner of FUJ NZ & AU) & Brian Revell up to level 5. All I could think of when he walked past was haa haa Im taller than you lol! Wow oh so intelligent. But o well only human. I think saw a few more people up to level 5, put a sign up and came up myself. The room was full of important people from various companies and Stuart was giving a speech. He mentioned about cycle ways for Auckland which he was keen on as he and his daughter are cyclists and got everyone laughing. Then Rod got up to chat - he was saying one of the reasons they chose the Qantas Support Call Centre to be in NZ was well we are the first in the world to see the sun up which puts us in a good position to support call centres world wide. From my understanding the Qantas Call Centre is the IT Support and help for anything that goes wrong with the Qantas Call Centres that book your flights and you call for various things about your flights. Thats all in Laymens terms so thats how Im going to explain it. After John got up to say yes they were working on the Cycle Ways he went onto talk about unemployment (it had to do with the whole thing but I couldnt hear him properly) and then he opened the curtians on a plaque for opening the call centre officially. Everyone then stood round and had nibbles and drinks while John got shown round the call centre. Then he went down and had a fleeting meeting/chat with staff members and left again. I didnt take any photos as it was rather formal and I would of felt rude. There was a professional photographer there so maybe I will get some photos through that way. Dont really mind too much as I was busy helping out with work stuff anyways.

Rest of day went well. I have come home to relax and watch some telly. Gareth flies down to Tauranga again tomorrow morning for 3 days and I have the house to myself. I have finally been able to see tiny bits on my nokia 6288 so that I can grab all the stuff off the cell phone. I am hoping to remove as much as possible and sell it for bits. But I worry I wont be able to get it all. Cross ya fingers for me that it works.
Also today is day one of a 12 week 10,000 steps programme I am going to do. The aim is to try do ten thousand steps daily over 12 weeks, recording them in a spreadsheet. Normally you're supposed to have challanges against other people. Im doing it with Joanne but she forgot her perdomitor today. Poor thing had a bit of stress this weekend. I'm hoping my cuz Shell will do it as well even though she has had a few things to leave her pre-occupied as well. I have to remind Martin and Amu tomorrow. Either way I would love to do this and see if I can actually make it. Another thing is was I think I am going to go back to the gym. Im a bit of a lard arse at the moment and really need to exercise again. Plus if I jump on the tredmill it will help me get my steps up hee hee & yes it does count as it is walking and exercise just in one spot.
Anyways I cant talk much longer as Gareth needs to go to sleep as he is getting up at 5am for flights. I havent taken any photos today but I hope you enjoy what I have found from the net instead
Here are some pictures from the New Moon phase as it comes out thurs 19th from what I recall:


Kirsten looking stunning all made up & Rob

Kirsten & Taylor

Kirsten & Taylor

Kirsten & Rob a shot from movie


The Human and the Warewolf
And those are also my hottie for the day photos

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