Saturday, November 7, 2009


So another day another lot of drivel from me. So I have been trying to find some of my poetry to put up on the blog to show you guys what I used to write years ago but its totally in storage and I havent been out there to search through the boxes and get it for you. Which reminds me I really need to go through all the boxes again and get rid of stuff. I want to get my belongings down to a very small amount. Then once I do that I will hopefully downsize the storage unit as Im paying for my share and mums. I would also like to go through and photograph all my books that are in storage. Think I'll look at buying plastic boxes for them.
Last night went round to Keir and Lauras for poker night. Was joined by Nikki, Paul, Aileen, Bridget and even Gareth came along. Was good to see everyone been ages since Ive been to their place. Took me some wine and had a glass to celebrate finally getting over being sick. Nikki and I played last card and were in fits of laughter. Not only had we not played in so many years we forgot the rules but we each had our share of wins and totally slamming the other person with pick up so many cards. Nikki got me good on last round.
Today got woken up at 8.30am ish as the neigbouring property were emptying out a downstairs part of the house full with junk. Rather noisy. But they have only taken some of the rubbish away the rest of it is sitting in the empty lot out our window. Its horrible old couches, old signs, just junk and not nice. Hopefully they will come back to clean it up but somehow I doubt it. After headed down to Mt Eden MotorCycles for G to pick up the insurance helmet of the one that he had stolen from the storage unit recently. Its the one I got him, then out to Onehunga Dress Mart for Gareth to pick up his nice new suit. Then off to Farmers in St Lukes for him to pick up a dress shirt to go with the suit. My man looks so suave :O) From there did our weekly food shop, then headed over to Real Groovy to pick up my sisters birthday gift, G popped into Connie & Tims place in scene one apartments at the bottom of Symonds Street to pick up his beer and tommy gun left there last week and we came home to crash for 2 hours. Doesnt sound like we did heck of alot but were out from 9-3ish and there. Lota work in the sun. I've taken some random photos today so here enjoy, there are also a couple from a few days back

Cute Aileen monster in the window of Cheap Skates

Light on wall at work looks like a bow

And again hope you can make it out

From today amazing fence by St Lukes. Shame about satillite dish and bins in shot but meh

Shot of Civc from car on Queen Street on our way to Connie & Tims

Cute pink monster in window of a shop

Trees on Symonds street, Alten Reserve on Altne Rd that leads down to Parnell

Well hope you liked them

Wes Brown he played a character named Luke McDonald. You get to see him with his top off in an episode. Nice body shame I couldnt find the shot of that sorry.
Well gotta go dinner ready
Have a great night all :O)

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