Friday, November 6, 2009

Evoking Summer

Today I decided since it was such a pretty day that I would evoke summer by opening the blinds in our office. If I entice the sun in surely it will come. Plus today all the air conditioning heat in the building is getting changed from winter to summer so thats gotta count for something too right? I went outside and posted off a flash to my cousin in Perth as I hadnt had the chance to do it yet due to flu and working on reception. I went out in short sleeves it was so nice to not have to rug up. I popped over to the local Op Shop and sifted through the books they have there but none of them caught my interst. Plus I couldnt stay long. That old clothes, old people, danky dark smell started making me cough and I had to get out. You know that smell when you go into Second Hand shops or Op Shops. Its unpleasant but nothing that cant be handeled. Just totally lets you know that your in a shop full of one mans rubbish and another mans treasure. Love the whole new lease on life thing.
Also what has been nice these last two days is I have been hardly coughing at all. It is such a relief. You wouldnt believe it but its rather exhausting to always be coughing. Hopefully it will be gone by this weekend. I take my last antibiotic today so thats always a nice thing.
Sorry there was no update yesterday. I spent the day covering reception and in my lunch break I came back to my desk to do work that had come in while I was away. It was my mothers birthday yesterday. We went up to Whang Peninsula and eventually met her at my Uncle Ians place where she is living. She was 2 hours stuck in traffic so we missed taking her to see Julie and Julia after a nice dinner. Instead we got pizza from Pizza Hutt (wow if you dont eat that stuff regularly it really sits heavy in your stomach and you realise how greasy it really is was kinda grose but mum wanted it). Anyways we ended up missing the movie and heading up to where her boyfriend Gary was at his mates place with bon fire and fireworks. It was nice as we met his daughter and son plus their partners. Most of them seemed to be a nice bunch of people so that was cool. Plus mum was happy as larry.
Wed night I had my cuz Shellz over for chats and giggles. It was nice to just hang out and just relax. We chatted heaps. I gave her a whole bunch of music and we just looked through stuff and chatted. But its nice to have that. Gareth had been inTauranga working since Tues.
Tonight heading over to our mates place for Poker night. We all get together and have a poker night first friday of every month. Ive been to one or two and its always a nice night if we play or not. But tonight is the first time Gareth is coming along. Poker isnt his thing hee hee. But they needed more players so he's in.
Well here is the photos from today and then a couple random things I have seen around the place lately

The view out the widow of my office

The blinds are open

Beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds

Cool patch on the back of some chicks jacket

There has been more and more stuff spraypainted to sidewalks these days here is one

And here is another I've found. I have more so will put them up when I find them

Havent got a clue who this guy is but he is hot and his Devils Horns are sooo yummy and defined. Or the "V" or hip bones for those who need to know what part to look at precicesly. I also like how the photo looks more silver and grey in colour than black and white and the lighting over his body - yes honeslty I do its the photographer coming out in me. I had a calander once that an old freind stole for me - hence we are no longer mates - that was all hot topless men and it was all in this silver, grey, shiny look/colour. I really like it for that and the men.
Anyways I hope you enjoy have a beautiful sunny day xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo

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