Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday My Lil Sister Blister

Today my beautiful little sister has her birthday! She is one of the most important people in my life. I love her to bits and pieces. My lil sister blister (a nickname we have had for each other for years). My lil sis born Alannah Christine Harrison is 4 years younger than me is 24 today. She and I have always been close if not always at each others throats when we were younger. We have always played together and her friends are my friends, mine are also her friends. I cant believe my girl is already this age, wow how time flies. She has ALWAYS been someone to do things her own way. Miss independant that one. Suffers in silence, keeps to herself but loves you no end. Here are some photos of us and her over the years:

This is just cute

So adorable

The 3 Harrison Girls in the 80's yes I had a mullet

Fun stuff

Matching Dolls and Sisters

I was 11 and Lany was 7


The Harrisons minus mum: Seth, Liam, Dad, Lany & me

Partying together

The 3 girls again. Lany, Mum and Me

All dressed pretty for our cousins Wedding

This is most of our family - just missing brothers

And the stunner she is today

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANY BANARNEY!!!!!! I will be catching up with her tomorrow night as she is doing dinner for us all. Then this saturday there is a bbq at her place and a few people coming over. Becuase its only the start of the day I dont have a photo that I have taken yet. So will do that tomorrow. However I have a hot guy for the day for you

Chirs Pine the latest Mr James T Kirk

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