Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Funky to look at

So I have been going crazy looking for millions of different pretty pictures to share with you all lately and I have found a few that I think are really neat. Will show those to you soon. For now I am going to update a couple pics I took today -yes finally

The below is from a fantasic ladies work named Darla TeaGarden. Her work is so fun and so pretty

Here I found some Halloween stuff that featured in a mag and some earlier pics as well. All called Tim Burton Fashion. Thought I would share them with you:

Hope you enjoyed those. I just thought they were really neat and I rather like Tim Burton's movies they bring in the magic. And they are really well done. Tonight I am heading over to my lil sisters place to have dinner with her celebrating her birthday yesterday and Im really looking forward to seeing her. Gareth flies back from Tauranga tonight so once I return from Lany's I will be able to see him YAY! Apart from that not much else apart from I would really love to be outside with how sunny it is today SIGH. O well the sun wont pay my bills.

Josh Duhamel YUMMMMMY :o)
Have a lovely day all :O) ARGH can't get the font to go smaller sorry, will try fix soon

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