Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday 13th

So yesterday afternoon I went to Auckland Domain in the afternoon sun just to take a couple of photos. I came across a little pond with 12 cute little ducklings and their parents swimming round. Luckily I had my big flash camera with the zoom on so I could take photos. 90% of them came out blurry as they are such speedy lil cutties. But here are the ones I managed to get that arent blurry

Speedy Gonzaleas

Burry but front on for ya

6 of the 12 ducklings

Another 4 and mummy

The remaining 2 bubbie Duckies. Took me ages to get all 12 close together

This is their home. I think they all live in that centre bit as I saw them all dissapear in there then they popped out the other side :O)

Sooo fluffy and cute :O)
So last night while round at Lany's her flatemate Pam said to me so who would be your top 5 celebrity men that no matter what if you were with a partner that partner would say yes ok by all means go for it if they alsked (in a round about way). It has been hard but I think I have my top 5 well close to it anyways. Any you have to be really serious about these people. Not just yay they are hot and cool right now. They have to be pretty special to you and you have to really be serious about that person. I mean there is alota HOT guys out there but these guys have to really deserve to be on your top 5. So here is the list I have so far:

NUMBER ONE = Gerard Butler. Yes this Scott really tickles my fancy. He is a fantastic actor. From tough half naked man in 300, to soft dead man we love in P.S. I love you, to funny man in the Ugly Truth this guy is an all rounder. He seems to be pretty relaxed and homely when off scene too. I have to admit I dont know a heck of alot about him. But he is my number one, my sorry Gareth I have Gerard asking for me sigh flutter flutter YEE HAR man

NUMBER TWO = Johnny Depp: So who cannot love this man. Sexy, extrtemely talanted in everything he does. You have to love this guy as he seriously is passionate about the work he does. He gives you magical amazing movies. He is a fantastic guy from the little I have seen of him away from the movies. Wonderful father, loyal friend, likes to keep out of the public eye. This guy is magic. He is hot and amazing and I really wish I could tell him thank you personally for everything he has done in the movie world. And no not in the kinky way just shake his hand and tell him thanks for really great work

NUMBER THREE = Seth Green. I dont care what you all think argh red heds. But this guy is hot and funny and talented. Also an all rounder. I like him becuase of how down to earth he is. I like his comedy Robot Chicken is great and what he puts into Family Guy and American Dad is also fantastic. I think this is a guy I would love to just sit down with and laugh with all night. He seems like a genuine guy who could def make you smile and I think thats my fave thing ever. He has an amazing smile and lovely blue eyes.

NUMBER FOUR = Hugh Jackman - and who doesnt? He is Australian so he is as close to Kiwi as its gunna get. Ok so the first place I saw him was as Logan in X-Men but who cares. He is darn good looking. Funny, great actor, fantastic dad and he is Wolverine what else could you ask for???

Im not sure what my 5th is though sorry. There are a coupla guys who take my breath away that come close to desrerving to be number 5 but other wise I dont know. Here are my possibilities: Jeffery Dean Morgan, Zachary Quinto, my classic Keanu Reeves, Alexander Skarsguard. I have also been asked to list my 5 top 5 ultimate favourite bands/singers ever and thats a pretty tough one. I still have not got my 5 there either but they so far are:
1) Snow Patrol
2) Elvis
3) Tool
But again I dont know number 4 & 5. Maybe Sarah Mclachlan, Jack Johnson, A Fine Frenzy, Jewel, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Groove Armada, Minuit, just a hard decision. I know some people know flat out the answers to these but my decision is hard. I have so many bands I love. But the special 5 is hard. Movies are the same
1) The Crow
2) T2
3) Tropic Thunder
4) Princess Bride
Not sure again on 5th there are many ideas.
Anyways I best be off its my home time now. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend :O)

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