Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lemon Detox Day One

Yup so I purchased it and have finally had the chance to start it. Last night had to take a laxitive tea and then this morning drank a whole litre of salt water - which I almost threw up drinking. You have to use sea salt and its soooo much stronger than household salt that most people use. But I got through it all. Then went out to purchase lemons. I also picked up some concelear and pretty brown eyeshadow today. As brown brings out the green in my eyes :O) So after reading the Lemon Detox booklet on what to do and what not to do I made up my 2litres of the Madal Bal tree syrup, with water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Its actually not a bad tasting drink I was worried it was gunna be disgusting. Its not fantastic but its not foul either. I actually went till 3pm today till I had the drink and it was only around 6 that I actually had any hunger pains. But they were only little thankfully. But Gareth has cooked himself chicken nuggets for dinner and they smell yum. I havent been craving after food just yet. I just wouldnt mind eating - no fuss not to yet. I think that will get hard tomorrow or tuesday onwards. Sigh I am doing this to cleanse myself. Gotta do it.
Friday night was Gareths Above & Beyond Awards night. We had it at The Wharf (ex Fishermans Wharf). The place was all done up flash and there was a professional photographer there. We all had our seats to go to and thankfully there was Shaun and Sarah there to chat to although we made some nice friends while we were there. We had a lovely meal and then people were handed out awards for their fantastic achievements. Gareth's boss Steve got the award in the Private Banking section. And well done to him. There was a chocolate fountain there and Sarah and I were the first to go down and have fun with it. I wanted to dip my fingers in it but I was'nt allowed. However the guy that was there supervising who had brought it along picked up a skewer and dipped 2 marshmallows into the flowing chocolate put them on a tissue and let me have them. YUMMMMY the chocolate was delicious and it was so much fun to play with. Sarah and I dipped strawberries, mashmallows and jelly beans in it. Later I totally regreted it as my tummy was totally upset from Choclate overload. Later on in the night Sarah and I had a photo with George the CEO of Westpac New Zealand and even later on had a boggie with him down on the dance floor while gareth and shaun drank up stairs watching everyone.
Saturday I spent the day running round from place to place with Alannah picking up stuff for her bbq. Then got back to hers warned the neighbours of the party and cleaned and set stuff up. People started arriving around 4 and we all had good chats and drinks. The BBQ went on around 6 and we all had a mean feed and drinks. The night was just a typical chat, drink, dance, crazy night but was plenty fun. I started to do my eyes with a smoky look. Shelley rescued it a lil then Sarah (diff from Westpac Sarah) came and made my eyes all sparkly smoky magic. see:

Sweet. So I now sorta know how to do the smoky eyes look. I gotta get some shadow for it though. She also had this really wicked lip gloss that stains your lips pink as you can see above. I really like it so gunna get some from her work soon.
So here are a coupla pics I'll share with you. Havent taken any today but there are some nice scenery shots of the harbour bridge from The Wharf

The ice W for Westpac and the glittery flashy chandelier

Sarah and Me

Fatty me, George and Sarah

My above and beyond achiever Gareth & me so proud of you baby x

Gareth and Shaun drinking and telling rude jokes

Lany & me at her Birthday BBQ

Shelley and Me

Charlie Unicorns - Stef, Lany & me

Sarah who magiced my eyes into Smoky fantasticness

Ninja Pam and Me

Shelly and Me

My Husband Joshee and Me (I baked a chocolate cake once and he loved it so much he wanted to marry me)

My Gareth looking cheeky and me. He did a great job on the BBQ for us all xoxo

Hope you enjoyed those. Now I am going to put up some of the pretty pictures I have and then the Hot Man for the day :O)

I like this pic of the carosel, I love how its all fuzzy and pink

Cold morning

All rugged up and pretty

The horses were part of a websites winter fashion, but I think they are amazing creatures

A really neat terrarium someone made, wouldnt it be magical to live there?

If I kiss the frog will he turn into a handsome prince?

Pretty nest ring

This picture made me want it to be summer tomorrow

I think this girls tattoo is very pretty. I love how the bird is real like in colours and shape

I love you Clark Kent - o wait I mean Tom Welling your a hottie :p
Have a lovely sunday whats left of it :O)

Argh retard I cant get the writing small how I like it :o/

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