Monday, November 16, 2009

Lemon Detox Day Two

Well so far so good. Havent had any real bad cravings for food. Just little pangs in my stomach occasionally but nothing crazy. Nothing I cant currently handle. The one thing I will let you all know I am a big baby about it the litre of salt water daily in the morning. I just cant do it. I had 3 mouthfuls this morning and almost gagged. So I just had the senna tea instead. It clearly states in the book if you dont want to or cant have the salt water have the laxitive tea morning. Im surprised you only need 2 litres a day. Well actually it does say at a minimum. Plus you should be drinking plenty of water as well. So I am drinking lots. Im just looking forward to the healthy end result. If I loose weight then thats just an added bonus. I am mainly keen on the detox. I also need to clean my teeth more as it leaves them fluffy which is yuck. I've been told the lemons will not be good for the enamal on my teeth which I am not happy with as they are pretty crap as it is and here I am making them worse. Well I've spent $100 on this so far going to keep doing it as Im not letting it go to waste.

Apart from all that so far there has been nothing happen. Its only midday after all. So I will share some photos with you oh and photo for the day too its pretty boring but I only just clicked I hadnt taken one yet.

Cranberry Bottle has the Madal Bal Mix in it and then there is good ol water 

Art with smoke

matching faces


Light Grafitti

On a seat

Under my umbrella ella ella ella

Tiny cute turtle :O)

Puppy Cuteness

Puppy Burrito

Beautiful cute white kitten

Kitty Kat & Rat mates yay so cute :O)

Birdie loves the mouse lots awwwwww

Couldnt resist putting a little cuteness on the end there and now for a bit of hotness

The delicious Jeffery Dean Morgan yum yum yum yum yum :O)
ooo wee hee back to small font lol :P

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