Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lemon Detox Day Three

So far so good with the whole hunger thing. Just getting rather board with having the same ol flavoured thing over and over. And I have 4 more days to go. Also kinda sick of just drinking I want to chew food. So yea I guess today is the day I miss food. It's kinda boring without eating.
Gareth is down in Tauranga for the next 2 days. He left this morning. Poor baby was woken up by the call from the taxi to say he was here then he got to the airport and left his boarding pass in his bag so had to get a new one printed. Then when he arrived at the Hotel there was no rooms free for him to go into so he had to go to work with his bags. But all sorted.
Im gunna head off to bed in a minute, I amost forgot to update this. So Im gunna upload the Hot Guy for the day and be off :O)

Kevin McKidd - Hottie Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy - yes please
have a lovely night and will update tomorrow ciao Im off to be now

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