Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day Four of the Lemon Detox

Well the morning started off well but I'm a little sick of it now. I only had a growling stomach this afternoon at work because I ran out of the syrup at work & was only having water. It was growling constantly. But when I got home I had the drink and it was all better again. Apart from the fact that I kinda dont wanna do it anymore. I'm going to keep going because I have come this far but Im sick of the drink, Im sick of the bathroom and Im sick of not eating. Its boring.
I have had mum over tonight which has helped take my mind off things for a while but then I had to make her food for dinner. First was a marmite sandwich and I was tempted to lick the knife. I didnt. Then I cooked her a mince and cheese pie with carrots, corn, peas, brocolli and cauliflour. It smelled sooo good. I sipped my drink.
We watched Mamma Mia. Mum enjoyed the movie once I figured out how to play it which was nice for her. Its been good to have her over. She is now watching a tv show called donated to science and is watching students cut up people. The amazing thing about this show is there are 3 people who were alive giving their reasons about why they are donating their bodies to the students to learn and then you see bodies be cut up and one of them could be the 3 that were alive in the documentery. Pretty amazing really. Also its interesting to see what all the students think of what they are doing. How many leave and what they continue thinking through the different parts of the body they cut up.
Today was covering reception and it was a little boring but I got it done. Tomorrow I am having my 6 month check up at the doctors for the colposcopy. I didnt think it was that long already but apparently it is. So thats at 2.30 tomorrow. Mum is staying the night on our couch but I dont think she will be here all day. I will have to come home round 10 and let her out and set the alarm.
Well thats really all thought I would put up some pics now. Its almost my bed time

I just like this is arty and reminds me of a swan

The way tea used to be. I would love to be all pretty and dressed up like this just to go out for a tea in a pretty cafe. Wait why dont I? Who wants to join me one day?

simple and nice. I love the large loaves of fresh bread and the coffee on the wall

If you havent noticed I like birds at the moment

Another terrarium this one looks pretty majickal

It says it all

Dont you just love the teeth on this bird so cute?

I love the photogrpahy in this, the colour, the shadows, the light, the angle, the simplicity

Cute birdy book

Amazing wing tattoo just like from the second crow movie which is about as much of it as I have seen

Well this is a dainty pretty tattoo of birds

This is a sad tattoo

Mmm that looks yummy, and relaxing to have it in bed one sunday afternoon in the sun like I imagine she is

Come travel with me to the beach - I will be in 2 and a bit weeks to Hahei YAY


ok luv you Im going to bed now with Paul Wesley on my mind (better him than food)

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