Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Six Lemon Detox

Yeah sorry I never got a chance to update yesterday was a busy day and then got home to do chores and welcome Gareth back. I went to update the blog and Gareth was like you wanna watch Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen and I couldnt resist becuase it was new and on blu ray. So by the time that finished I wanted to crash. Gareth surprised me yesterday by ringing up and asking if I had plans to go see New Moon with anyone yet - I hadnt yet just knew I wanted to go after the rush - and so he asked if I wanted to see it with him. Maybe the chicks are hot or something I dunno but we are going to Gold Class to see it together next thursday. Last night Lany went with her Flat mate Pam to see Twilight then New Moon back to back. She really enjoyed it. I hope I dont hear anything about it from anyone till next week.
So Im almost finished my detox. On day 6 now so tomorrow is my last day. Sunday I get to have pureed soup and an ORANGE!!! Im gunna love that orange I just know it. Well I hope I  will like it, I actuallydont like oranges only mandirins and I havent had either in years.
Since my Nokia died in October I have been using Gareth's Sony. Lately it had charging problems, so G pulled apart the charger so he could see if there was anything wrong, well whatever he did worked for one more charge. The next time I needed to charge it, I got the charge only to find one of the wires had come loose from the soldering and I could'nt connect them just to charge it. I have purchased a charger from Trademe and it arrived today. Hopefully it will work.
Yay its friday. I get a sleep in tomorrow and Sarah is coming round tomorrow night to watch movies and do girlie stuff with me as Gareth and Shaun are going to watch Kitsch live.

If anyone actually knows me that would know I love photography. I think that old cameras are the best. These are a little old for my taste but are great pieces of history and art. Now I am going to share some nice photos with you that other people have taken that I like (as there is always photos from me and lets admit I have been a bit lazy with that lately)

A neat plain photo looks like the ground is moving if you click to enlarge

Beautiful China Winter Scenery

Cherry Blossoms is the name of this pic. I LOVE lanterns in trees. Watching Mama Mia with my mum the other night and the scene at the end at the dinner table with all the tea lights in lanterns was sooo pretty

Just like this pic

What more can I say?

I like the colour used in this photo

Can I do the same? I love this pic lots its on my home pc background at the moment


I like


RAWR!!! means "I love you" in Dinosaur - so cute

A wet Taylor Launter mmmmmm
Who cares if he's 17 like my cuz said "I would be his cougar any day" - sorry G x

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