Monday, November 23, 2009

Detox Over now on wind down

So Day 7 of the detox was kind of one of the hardest as I know I would be getting my first bit of food the next day and Gareth cooked himself bacon, sausages and eggs for brekky. I dont blame him wanting a greasy meal as he was out till 1am the night previous drinking with work mates. But it smelled sooo yummy. I had my syrup all day and then in the afternoon had Sarah Moo come over to watch movies with me whil eher man Shaun and Gareth popped up to the Thirsty Dog and watched Kitsch live. I got crackers, cheese and a dip for her and was really wanting to just tucker in. But I have the left overs for later hee hee so should be all cool. It was really nice to have Sarah around for a girlie night we started watching Interview With The Vampire but ended up turning it off and chatting for ages. Then we put on Monsters Inc, wow I love that movie its sooo cute and funny. Boys came back around one again and totally enjoyed the gig. Sunday was the first day I was sorta allowed to have solid foods. I had the syrup inthe morning and an orange. I never used to like oranges and I honestly dont know why becuase my goddess it was sooooo tasty. So sweet and juicy and yum. Just had juice and water for the rest of the day till dinner time where I had tomato soup which was yuck. Sunday was just a relax day. Gareth and his dad John were doing security upgrade stuff aournd the house and put the new insinkerator in. There is still a pipe needed but it has a fun button in the bench you can use to work it. Gareth has been pressing it for the hell of it. I've been reading more of my book BattleAxe it's been getting better as the story goes on. Today at work I have had 2 more oranges and pumpkin soup also yuk (these have been watties soup in a can so not the best brands to be buying just cheap). I have to look forward to steamed veggies, brown rice and a salad for dinner tonight.
Oh yeah so the verdict on the whole thing. Ok so it was alot easier than I thought it was going to be. I didnt get that hungry. There was one point where I wanted to give up and it wasnt becasue I was starving it was because it was utterly boring. 7 days only having the same drink my goddess how mundayne. I feel better. I think Im pretty confident that my portion sizes are now going to change and I am in the habbit of drinking even more water than normal. However I got pretty lethargic and low on energy near the end. Walking up the stairs in our apartments and here at work has been pretty hard work. Just making me short on breath, more than normal. I started out the detox weighing in at 75kg. I now weigh 70.6kg. I feel great have been fitting into clothes I havent worn in 2 years. I am fully aware however as soon as I start eating solid foods again I will put on a kg or 2 if not 3. however I think now is the time to try and prevent that. I am going to go out for a walk tonight round the block and every day this week. I am going to work myself up to running again. I should really head back to the gym but Im simply not interested. I should sell it really. No I should start going again. Maybe I'll do that tonight, just jump on bike or treadmill or crosstrainer or something. Yes I am going to do that (heh heh watch me get home and not go lol) ah i'll try. I have one more day of weening myself onto solid foods then Im allowed to eat healthy again. I will be trying my best to eat as healthy as I can. have the makings for a tuna pasta salad for lunches. I've told Gareth that one day a week I will be making my own meals and will make stuff from my healthy food magizenes as the meals look devine. He is sweet with that and Im as happy as larry. It not like what we eat isnt healthy its just I would like to have salads, & cous cous & certain foods that are healthier than what we eat but in no way shape or form appeal to gareth in the slightest. At least we dont go to takeaways much. Like since we have been at the apartment I have had takeaways 3 times in 9 months. Too costly anyways

Ok enough yabbering here are some pictures for you to oogle at.

I love the ivy in the hair even though its "dead" its a nice colour and I like the pic

Hee hee he's cute

Adorable baby blue dinosaur

I like

Dunno but they look interesting

Just Pretty

Spread your wings and fly my pretty Butterfly

This I htink would be a really nice piece of art in a pale washed pink or white frame in your lounge


I wonder what it would be like to live here?

Bed, one of my favourite places
Antonio Banderas

I like him better from the mexican style movies and  IWTV so on that he's done. Puss from Shrek was cute though as well

Armand from Interview With The Vampire. These guys were the best ever vampires. They were what I mostly imagine vampires to be like

From Once Upon A Time In Mexico
love this movie

Desperado another great movie and great music

darn font wont go small again grrr

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