Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dishes in the Bathroom

Well on sunday Gareth and his dad attemepted to put in the new insinkerator but they needed to get a new pipe to make it fit. So for one night no water in the kitchen as it would of run inside the cupboard and also no dishwasher as hooked up to the same set of pipes. All good we can do that. Gareth goes out monday gets a new pipe comes home and gets to work. Only to find the pipe isnt quite right. So one more night without kitchen sink properly and dishwasher. Mean time the dishes are piling up in the dishwasher. So this morning at 7am he rings Place Makers on Cooks Street to check if they were open, which they were and he drives over to get himself the pipe he is hoping will be correct. Tonight I get home from work and he's under the sink again drilling a hole in the bottom of the cupboard to get the pipe to fit. Only its too high by about 3cm, and becuase of the pipe that takes away the water (connected to wall) he cant drop it any lower into the hole he has made in the cupboard shelf. Soo he calls in the help of Super Dad John and now John is round under the bench deciding out loud that they need to cut the 3cm off the pipe and reconnect it somehow to the tailored bit (flanges and threads) that needs to fit into the pipe above so it can screw into place. Well this was my understanding of their jargon anyways - ahh sweet so I just checked and John cut off the amount they dont need and has added a another bit of piping over the top of Gareths one to cover the little bit that was taken out, John has the right saw to cut the pipe and glue for keeping it together. Well we shall see what happens when the water goes through the pipe. Heh I just learned some plumbing stuff.

Soooo because of the plumbing issue and the piling up dishes in the dishwasher we took to the bathroom to clean them there as they will get smelly otherwise. Almost done. Had a break in between John being here but back to it in a tick - only containers and a pot to go!

So I have just this afternoon finished the 3 days recovery or weaning myself back onto solid food. I will say that yes I am feeling pretty good but I seriously noticed the weakness and lethargic feeling I had near the end of doing it. Big depletion of energy but I feel better most other ways. I will be eating normal food again tomorrow but going to be taking it careful, eat healthy, watch portion sizes now and drink more water.

Apart from that I am now assigned to be taking photos of staff members on level 5 that we have discovered either werent taken or are missing all the originals of. All good I get to go up to level 5 and go through the pin coded door fun for me, and I finally get to meet everyone in the team up there have only meet some people off and on. Tomorrow after work I am going to get a french manicur which I have been wanting for yonks and yonks but have never got round to. And will be going to see Shellz. She has finished reading New Moon and is hungry for Eclipse.

K Picture time - forgive me everyone if I upload pics you've already seen but I am not looking to check so enjoy them again if you liked them and they are here agian:


Neat Photography 1

Neat Photography 2

Neat Photography 3

Bird house

I like how colourful this is, the flowers, swirls, butterflies and bird

This is from someone elses blog but its a type of photo I have never seen before and I thought how neat is that Horse Eye and Human Eye

This is called a Dragon Egg Locket

I would love to have this made large and put on a canvas and put in my home one day, prob wont but thats how I feel about it right now

Making Music Together

All the animals down at the farm. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Black and White Photography


Alexander Skasguard
Om nom nom nom hee hee hee :P

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